How to update firmware for Leelbox RK chip Android 7.1 TV box via PC

Recently, Some Italy and France friends meet this problem, Prime video not working .       Don’t worry , This post will help for you. Try to update the firmware ,it will solve your problem.

Now we would like to know How to update firmware for the Leelbox or Kingbox (sister brand) .  the device is android 7.1RK3229 chip and MAC number start with C42AF.

Here is the general method of operation:

Before update , prepare a two-headed USB cable , computer (windows system )  and a small stick or Cotton swab.
download the file we need ( Firmware , Driver , USB burning Tool )

Q1  Q2 mini  Q2 Pro  MXQ mini  MXQ Pro    RK 7.1 Firmware   0523!13x3GZDJ!bCma91nQSjkH-nPbhMeiFDgSlS8COk6odHVMJkvnsUU

Driver Assistant _v4.5 .zip!gqpWGYxQ!j8zbJy40Kprb2HXIrGDfy9YO4eQULAHjgvrUO3T85WU

USB Burning Tool!ZHpUCQBb!XO0-nHT8f8lLc48SkDUiei6UEFSLG3ScB5rNTVH8Ldw
after download all the file we need ,we can start to update:
1. install the Driver , and open the Tool ,
2. load the img. firmware to the Tool ,
3. Press the AV reset button hold on , then connect with the TV box and computer until the PC recognize the TV box.
4. click upgrade , it will go to update state.

Details Tutorial download here :!46xwRDZT!vMWYpCNVOhZWGFp9eU77dbRB4I_sofwC3BXVOXqD0XA

If your device is K1   K1plus   K2   RK 7.1  , the firmware download here :

K1   K1plus   K2      RK 7.1  Firmware  05023!9ixiARjA!bV9Gr4o_4k6Prk095JdksArL3NMvZVsB9tA0WqbeGwU



Top 10 Kodi Add-ons for Leelbox on March 2018

Actually, for a novice, they may often feel strange about such kind of add-ons, they seen play the same function but different names. For example:

what’s the big difference between Kodi, bmc, firedl, median, Terrarium, and Mobdro?
What do you mean by build?
What is the best addon for live sports?
What’s the best addon for live tv?
What is the best movie app or addon?

top-10-best-working-kodi-addons-fortop-10-best-working-kodi-addons-for smart box on March 2018

Those veterans who are familiar with streaming media and various software will give such explanations. Kodi= media player bmc=fork of Kodi(runs smoother) firedl=downloader with codes midian=addon+builds terrarium movie/tv APK (standalone app) Mobdro same as terrarium. It is never too late to know, I joined this group because I was completely lost when my sister gave me a firestick for Christmas, loaded Kodi on it, put a build on that, and then went home. I asked those same questions months ago and just the other day wanted to know what Mobdro was because Terrarium rarely has the documentaries I’m looking for.

maxresdefault (6)

One other problem is that even if you understand these different add-ons, and what content services they can provide, you can not access because you need a special installation package for those popular plugins. People often buy Kodi TV boxes, but do not know how to use them, let alone experience unlimited free software. From last one year, Kodi has lost many top repositories including Smash, Colossus, and Ares Wizard which were very famous in Kodi community. Kodi add-ons keep changing over time. Some top add-ons are being replaced by new add-ons and some are being discounted by its developers.

Finally, dedicated to fans’ benefits in March

Top 10 Kodi add-ons For March 2018:

1.  Placenta (Guide Tutorial)

2. Maverick  (Guide Tutorial)

3. Neptune Rising  (Guide Tutorial)

4. Genesis Reborn (Guide Tutorial)

5. The Dogs Bollocks (Guide Tutorial)

6. I Am Absolem (Guide Tutorial)

7. At the Flix (Guide Tutorial)

8. Elysium Lite (Guide Tutorial)

9. UK Turk Playlists (Guide Tutorial)

10. Verdict (Guide Tutorial)



Are these Problems with Terrarium tv?

Have you ever meet such kind of problem? While loading an episode or movie it says you need to verify if you are a human by completing captchas. So you usually have to do about three to five. It isn’t a huge problem but it is a bit of an inconvenience. Even you’ve downloaded privacy pass and scanned for malware but nothing has changed. How to away from this annoy?

Actually, they just want to make sure you’re not a robot. They enabled Cloudflare highest DDoS protection.

Are these Problems with Terrarium tv?

Suggestions: 1. Ignore and the app will still search for source links. The verify button is only displayed on the screen for a very short time and then it goes away. You can always refresh the search at the top of the app. Then search again and be ready to quickly tap on the verify button. Tap the verify button. Then a screen comes with a box to tick that you are not a robot. Then you’re shown an image divided into squares. You’re asked to tap on the box according to the question asked. For example, tap on all the cars or bridges. Then after you’ve answered and probably several times then the other source will ask you to do the same thing all over again. This long process is why most people just ignore the verify button and just allow the app to search for sources. If the app does not find any sources you can always go back to the search again and tap on all the little boxes to make them happy.  If you never want to be asked again, there’s an option in TTV settings to turn off captchas.

Are these Problems with Terrarium tv?

Sincerely to speaking, MX Play already with a good performance compares to peer. But there’re some people get weird issue with MX Player. According to their saying, “Every time I’m watching a movie or series with TerrariumTV and MX Player the playback stops and then it goes back to the window where I’m selecting the link. So, I’m not sure if it’s MX Player crashing or what but for some reason MX Player loses connection and I have to click on a link to re-open the video. And it will start from the beginning, there is no option to resume. So, for some reason, MX Player is losing history so I’m unable to resume playback.”

For this problem, choose to play with one of your players and use Kodi as the video player, I tried that after having the same problem with MX Player and it solved it. But not sure if it is a common solution, Anyone has better idea?


How to download PVR on Leelbox Android TV Box 2018

As well known that Kodi features powerful Live TV and video recording (DVR/PVR) abilities using a very flexible distributed application structure. PVR is a generic term for a device that is similar to a VCR but records television data in digital format as opposed to the VCR’s analog format. How to download PVR on Leelbox, this is lots of people who care when they try to get free tv!

Now follow the below steps and install PVR in your smart tv box now:

After installed Kodi 17.6 in your android tv box, move your mouse to the TV and you can see you did not set up PVR yet. Click TV, and it will pop up a box like below, just click Yes.

how to download PVR ON ANDROID TV BOX 2018

how to download PVR ON ANDROID TV BOX 2018

Then go ahead to Setting, click on PVR & Live TV setting one time.

how to download PVR ON ANDROID TV BOX 2018

Make sure Synchronise channel groups with backend(s) is enabled with the On.

how to download PVR ON ANDROID TV BOX 2018

And the go straight down to Clear data, click it and clear all data.

how to download PVR ON ANDROID TV BOX 2018

Back one, back again to stay at the main mean, scroll down to Add-ons, then go forward to My add-ons.

how to download PVR ON ANDROID TV BOX 2018

Move toVideoPlayer InputStream, click it one time, and then click these two to make sure you enabled them.

how to download PVR ON ANDROID TV BOX 2018

how to download PVR ON ANDROID TV BOX 2018

Now go back to the Kodi Home screen and click on PVR clients.


Scroll down to click on PVR IPTV Simple Client.

how to download PVR ON ANDROID TV BOX 2018

Enable PVR IPTV Simple Client.


Go ahead to Configure.

how to download PVR ON ANDROID TV BOX 2018

In the General, there are two options, Local Path(include Local Network) meaning you have to download an M3U file to be able to get it to work. Yet this gate right here you have to go to search whatever If you have an M3U file, this is a probable section for you. If you have an M3U address, you have to go to the second option. Which is a Remote Path(Internet address), you need to have a URL www with http. Click on M3U Play List URL and enter you M3U file address, and then you go ahead to click OK.


Then we go ahead to the second option. In this gate, you need to have M3U file, either you download it online, or you need to do is located it on your device, like Window or Android, or Fire stick or other ways.

how to download PVR ON ANDROID TV BOX 2018

Then we go ahead right here, and look for your M3U Play List Path.


Here is my M3U Play List Path located, click on one of your files and hit OK.


Now click on Enable to disable it, you can see the PVR IPTV Simple Client pop up and then Enable again.


Back to the Kodi Home Screen, click on TV section, and then go to my channels, and then you can see all the channels about for 4352.




Top 5 Kodi Add-ons for Leelbox in Feb 2018

By setting up Kodi 17.6, how to watch movies, tv shows? How do they work? What are the most recommend Kodi Add-ons in Feb 2018? Here are the top 5 add-ons Triton, Oculus, DS Blamo, Supremacy, Placenta play good on Kodi 17.6, go ahead to look how they make you TV more colorful.

1. Supremacy

The Supremacy Kodi addon has a little bit of everything: live TV and sports, 4K movies, kids, TV, and a whole lot more.


After you install the addon, you’ll see the following options from the home menu:

  • 3D Films
  • 4K movies
  • Live IPTV
  • Free IPTV
  • Kids TV
  • Kids Movies
  • New Releases
  • TV Shows
  • Movies
  • Box Sets
  • Sports (by listing)
  • Sports (by channel)
  • Documentaries
  • Seasonal shows
  • Youtube

2. Oculus 

Inside Oculus is a simple interface that lists only 8 Categories. Included are Movies, TV Shows, Networks, Actors, Production, IPTV Channels & Oculus Settings. This makes it very easy to search and find content to view.


Oculus is TV Show & Movie add-on loaded with tons of great content. It is listed as one of the Best Kodi Add-Ons by the Leelbox Community.

3. Triton

If you are looking for an offering touted as the new era in add-ons, Triton is a good choice.  It includes Revelations, Boxset Kings, the Hit List, My Triton, Tool, and Search. Movies and TV shows are under the Revelations section.


4. Placenta

This addon is a new fork of the popular add-ons such as Covenant and Exodus. As with covenant & exodus for Kodi Placenta is a great addition which also works well on smart tv box amazon firesticks as well as other devices as it has multiple links options. Placenta totally is one of the Upcoming Kodi Addon that is doing well after many of the famous Kodi Addons went down in the Mid of November. PlacentaKodi Addon allows users to watch their favorite Multimedia on Kodi Player.


5. DS Blamo

Neptune Rising is a Kodi video addon from Blamo Repository. How To Install Neptune Rising Addon Kodi 17-17.6 Overview It has movies and TV shows in a nice layout. We get more choice while streaming, it’s an excellent add-on incorporating Trakt, Alluc, and Debrid. Someone said it at the risk of sounding stupid, how does this add-on differ from Neptune rising? Seems like the settings and menus are nearly identical. But to my concern, they are different backends. Blamo concentrates on NR and DS, I concentrate on Placenta, and we help each other out as needed across them.


How to get all of this top 5 Kodi add-ons? Follow below, they are the same install steps, but just different paths to get the resources.

Let us set up Placenta for an example:

  • Kodi 17.6 Krypton download.
  • HOME Screen > Add-ons > Settings button  > Enable Unknown Sources.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Settings button  > File Manager  > Add Source.
  • Enter > Enter BLAMO in the bottom box > OK.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Add-Ons > Add-on Browser 
  • Install from zip file > BLAMO > Select
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • Install from repository > Blamo Repo > Video add-ons > Placenta > Install.
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • Placenta is now installed and ready to use.
  • The Add-on can now be opened from HOME screen > Add-Ons > Placenta.

Enter the below repos in your Android box, then start to download and install add-ons:



.Looking: http://







How to Get Terrarium TV APK latest version 1.9.2

Terrarium TV APK latest version 1.9.2 was released these days, do you think your device still working well? Have you lost your Google links when you installed 1.9.2 terrarium tv?

On January 2018, terrarium tv came out the 1.9.1 version but it seemed that people reported after updating that version, their device keeping crashing,  someone said that upgraded to 1.9.1 and his video stops streaming 2 or 3 times per episode. He often sees a message flash at the bottom of the screen “failed to check in”. So he switched to the new Yes player, and ads displayed has gone up. Also, there is other reflect that while trying to see” the mentalist” on terrarium but every time he tries watching the 1st episode, it plays “house m.d.” and some other stuff could not know, he even doubts that he cannot watch anything he wants. 


So here are some notices that you guys should get to know when you try to update to the new version.

1. Terrarium tv has installed and it won’t auto update. You have an unofficial modded app. You’d need to uninstall it and then download and install the new version. Don’t forget to use the backup options in settings and use the restore once you have it installed.

2. Get ads during movies on the movies. It’s most likely because you’re using MX Player. TTV isn’t designed to display ads while streaming unless your internet drops enough to lose the stream and TTV think you are finished watching.

3. Where is the download link? ApkMirror & Raw APK can’t upload the new version. Open your TTV, go into settings to the bottom and clear the cache. Close it and open again, see if that brings it back up.

Download the official Terrarium TV Apk: Don’t worry if Google chrome browsers show any warning messages before downloading. The Terrarium APK file is safe to Install on any Android supported devices. Here are two requirements that you should get Terrarium TV APK latest version supports only Android 4.0+ devices. And your device should have MX Player App to stream the videos.


If you already updated to Terrarium TV 1.9.2 but still crashing, please try to use a VPN. Welcome to comment below and let us know what problems you meet and how you fix them.

Why your WiFi switch from 2.4ghz to 5ghz?

Recently, lots of people consult that why their Smart tv box cannot connect 5.0 GHz wifi, there is several saying as below: 1. The Android tv box does not support Dual-band wifi, that means that you tv box is not 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz wifi available. 2. Because those are two different bands, not just a pretty label. They give an answer, saying if you have a router that provides both bands, then just choose the 5ghz network. But if your router only has the one, there’s no reasonable way to upgrade it. Just a word of precaution, the unreasonable way costs far more than just buying a new router that does both bands. 3. If your android tv box with dual-band wifi and the router that provides both bands, but still can not convert 5ghz, then the possible problem is drop material or desoldering with the box, the machine should be repaired factory.

android tv box with dual-band wifi

But there is another question like this, some people confused that why their WiFi switch from 2.4ghz to 5ghz?

There’s a number of reasons why your wifi router might be switching you from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz. The nature of radio really leaves you at the mercy of the environment. If you have a large home with thick walls, lots of furniture, glass windows, distance from the router, etc.. all of these things can influence how your connection will be to your wireless router.

Most home wireless routers will automatically switch between 2.4GHz and 5Ghz and back again when it senses a weak connection and does this to try to improve the user experience.

android tv box with dual-band wifi

Many home wireless routers have a way to disable this switching and allow you to assign an SSID to just 2.4Ghz and another SSID to the 5Ghz band. This can be fairly advanced so if this seems a bit too much for your comfort zone then leave the settings alone.

Another option is to experiment with the channel that your router is set to broadcast. Most routers, when you first turn them on, will scan the area looking for other wireless routers and what channels your neighbors are on. There are 11 channels reserved for 2.4Ghz in the US and 14 channels in Europe.

Many people opt to use the 5Ghz bands as it has less interference from neighboring routers, wireless telephones, etc. There are also more channels to choose from, and those channels can typically carry more traffic which means a fasters more stable connection.
android tv box with dual-band wifi

One way to fix this problematic switching is to go to the manufacturer’s website and see if there are any updates to the firmware for your router. Sometimes a simple update is all that’s needed to fix your problem. NOTE: Most routers allow you to search for updates right from their configuration page. If it shows no updates are available to go out to the manufacturer’s website anyway and look for yourself.

One last thing to remember, it might not be your wifi router, it could be your client (meaning the laptop, or other connecting devices) trying to access the router. If this is an older device you might need to update its wireless driver or software.

If after all of this and its still bugging you-you might want to research getting yourself a new wireless router. There are some amazing new wireless routers that support new 4K T.V.’s, streaming media like Netflix, as well as console games. Check out reviews of new routers and see if this is a solution for you.



Why my streaming device run so slowly?

What device do you recommend? Such as Android tv box or IPTV, fire stick. And why? One of my friends currently is using fire TV. He has Spectrum. It’s running so slowly, not sure if it’s internet or fire TV. He had Spectrum come out and have a new modem. So yeah. Not sure why it’s running so slowly. In May, their Direct TV contract will expire, and he is cutting the cord. But need to get faster speed. When he turns to me and asked this question, I think it could be a common situation most people suffer, so I post here, hoping to learn more different voice.

Some people said, maybe spectrum is throttling his bandwidth?. Thinking if he has tried using a VPN while streaming. According to their saying, they suggest runs a speed test on his device with and without the VPN on so he can see the difference in his speed might not be the VPN, check the player he is using make sure it is the latest version, check if background apps are running using up ram this will cause buffing in small ram devices. Watch the sources he is picking the links from some work better than others. Also, they care what player he is using.


Other think it needs more memory support the running. If it’s almost maxed out on storage, you need to delete some apps that you don’t use to free up some storage space. There are also some settings and tweaks you can do to make your fire tv run faster. Try to find some tips online or on YouTube for tips on how to get your fire tv to work faster. There is Facebook user group called terrarium tv end users group, lots of good info there on load SPMC skin to run terrarium tv, works very good for less buffering problems. It’s sometimes quite the process to get terrarium to run well.

clear your cache in the android tv box

But here are something that no one mentioned. Once you get whatever Android tv box you decide to use an ethernet cable directly from your modem to the device. It will give you allot more speed. It seems like common sense, however, some people don’t realize that.

clear your cache in the android tv box

In general, the running memory of these devices is always limited, we can not download and install a lot of plug-ins and hope to run them smoothly and without buffering at the same time. Also, VPN will slow down, but using VPN can expand our plug-in function, my opinion is to avoid too many plug-ins run at the same time, using a well-configured set-top box, can improve the user experience. 

Why Kodi repos fail to work?

Some people reported that they can’t install some add-ons. In that, you can try 3 workaround solutions: 1. Try to install Kodi 17.6 stable release, because Kodi 17.6 was used for this video 2. Try to install add-ons to fresh Kodi installation. 3. Use a VPN If these do not solve your problem, there should be another problem and I have no idea what is that problem.

But why those Kodi repos often fail to work? 

I do not recommend any addons. I am simply telling you guys that the two addons in your video have not been updated in months, which is why most of the links do not work. Both repos were shut down months ago. Both of these add-ons were updates multiple times every week, then both developers got scared when they received warnings from the MPAA because they had IPTV add-ons in their repos, so because they are pussies they shut their repos down. It is funny to me that the same people that were online bragging about stealing IPTV and making add-ons, were the first to shut their repos down when they got confronted about stealing TV and movies and making add-ons with the content they stole. Oe day a developer is bragging about stealing TV channels and movies and how he will never stop, then the next day they run scared because the owner of that content confronts them. It is highly amusing.

This is one path to get adult movies on Kodi 17.6, but I think it will update in no soon, so every media resources are no longer to stay still. Follow the below method to get adult content in your Android tv box.

Open up your Kodi, then Setting——>File Manager——>Double click on Add source.


Give a name as repo or other easy to find it.

Adult addons for Kodi January 2018

Go back to Kodi Home screen, come to the Add-ons, click it, then select the box icon in the left top corner.


Go to Install from zip file, click on it.


If here pop up a box ask you to turn on the Unknown resources, click on Setting.


Scroll down to select repo.

Adult addons for Kodi January 2018

Go forward and hit on Then wait for a while, on the top right site will pop up the add-on was installed.

Adult addons for Kodi January 2018

Back one, click on Search.

Adult addons for Kodi January 2018

Enter whitecream, then OK.

Adult addons for Kodi January 2018

Install this add-on.










Fix Buffering, MX Player VS VLC which better?

Some people said that with a 1080p Real debrid link MX would not play it at all also some links have the pitcher with no sound. So far VLC has played everything, they throw at it without no problem. So in their Pinyan VLC is superior. Suffer videos buffering, which one is the better player?

MX Player vs. VLC for Terrarium TV

Another saying, fix Buffering in Terrarium TV and other APKS! I have been trying to use Terrarium TV for a few days and have a lot of problems with it crashing and buffering every few seconds. After watching a few YouTube videos I found an ad-free version for my firestick and that MXplayer works the best.

MX Player vs. VLC for Terrarium TV

But those people who used to stream Terrarium tv hold an idea that Terrarium now has it own player. The inclusion of Exo Player as part of the TTV installation eliminates the need to install any additional video players for it to work. Exo Player is still considered “beta” and although its features are being expanded with each software update, it’s functionality (and stability) is still nowhere near that of MX Player. But rest assured that Exo Player will be just as good as MX with TTV’s continued development. To my concern, I use both players on Terrarium, I’m finding that if I use Mx player on a real debrid stream I get no sound but plays ok on VLC, so I switch between the two!

MX Player vs. VLC for Terrarium TV

Is MX Video Player Better than VLC? Though a question like this is largely subjective, a number of people rate MX Player slightly higher than VLC. However, as most of the reasons for this are down to personal preference, it really is impossible to say with any kind of objectivity. Both perform very well on measurable metrics.