How to install TVMC 17.3 on Leelbox Android TV Box.

kodi 17.3

How to make your Android TV Box play Kodi 17.3 correctly? Is your box still stay at Kodi 16.1? Hurry to set it on your TV Box’s upgrade schedule.

Here is how to install Kodi 17.3 on Leelbox S1

According to the TVMC 17.3 install outcome by Leelbox professional technical testers, Mac ID which begins with C4 or 68 can be upgraded to TVMC 17.3. Like pure version S1, K1, M9S Pro, MXQ Pro mini, they all apply to TVMC 17.3. (Pure version means boxes are not preinstalled any addons)

image1 (3)

Step 1: Press the “Help” button on the remote of your android player, then it will lead to Support channel on Leelbox website, download K-Addons and TV Store in support 1, then install.



Well, after this operation, go into TV Store, check out TVMC 17.3 then install.


Okay, now you have finished installing the new operating system for your box, go ahead to download other Apps, they will automatically install after a while.


Now click into TVMC, let’s see the picture below, TVMC 17.3 is ready to work!




Note! These tips are not suitable for all smart boxes. Make sure the mac id of your box start at C4 or 68, if you are not sure the box mac id, please get assistance from the Leelbox customer service.




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