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What is the most popular tvmc17.3 Kodi box on October 2017

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TVMC 17.3 is a version of Kodi with a ton of preinstalled add-ons, it was regarded as one of the most popular alternate plug-in compare to Kodi. Some Android media player already could be upgraded to TVMC 17.4, but in order to compatible with current Add-ons, it could be better not to upgrade to the latest version, it sure can be upgraded if the android version of your tv box is Android 7.1, no problem to make it.

So here recommend you three models approve you to download TVMC 17.3:

Leelbox MXQ Pro mini:

Android 6.0 TV Box, running with cortex-A7 Android 6.0 Quad-Core CPU 64 Bits Quad Core, high memory space 2GB RAM/8GB ROM max extended capacity!

Supporting full BT 4.0, with high quality HDMI output 4K, H.265 would not let you waste time anymore to wait for buffering, I could say that it is one of the best sale android tv box in Canada, stable 2.4GHz WiFi would against to be bounded.

Now already promised you to upgrade TVMC 17.3, would not any incompatible problem.

Android tv box

Leelbox S1:

Smart but complete, a few months ago it occured power adapter porblem, the professional artisan make a big change on it, durable without heating endows Leelbox S1 streaming tv box’s handle capacity.

kodi box

Leelbox M9S Pro:

Running with special configuration M9S Pro is Android 6.0 system, 2GB RAM+16GB ROM, will not limit the Apps running, you just need to clean cache at regular time. So now S912 Octa-Core CPU can be the most stable system now on Leelbox, you can enjoy higher Network processor with dual-WIFI 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz.

tv box

Most deserve it is you nevery worry tenology support, Leelbox Kodi box with 12-month warranty.

Each tv box above of them could be the first choice, check the newest upgraded system, do not let your android still below TVMC 17.3, take more add-ons now.






  1. I have a MXQ PRO 4K with kodi 16.1 /android 6.0/2+16gb can you tell me if I can upgrade to 17.3 or 17.4 and how to do it? Do I delete the 16.1 first . I have tried to find a link on your site but cannot ?


      1. MAC 681DEF00D804 I am very new to all this please send instructions to upgrade to 17.3 thank you


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