Top Adult Addons for KODI!

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Today I’m going to show you how to download two or three Kodi adult add-ons on your android tv box for who enjoy the ADULT features.

Follow these steps.

1.Go to Settings and click File Manager. Click TT, edit file Source and enter and a name, you can name it whatever you want, then ok!


2. Back out, whenever you add an add-on let’s make sure that you go down here(System Settings) and unknown sources yes. 5026

3. Go Back Again, click Add-Ons go up to the open box hit OK


4. Go to Install from zip file. Here I need that TT so we’re going to go to TT and you want to go down to repos and we’re going to keep going down till we see Colossus.04050612

5.  There you go hit upon that then you will see a notification pop-up and once you see that notification you want to go to install from repository, Colossus repository.


6. Video add-ons and here’s one of them to install it just install go back jump down again xxx Erotik that install now. 160818

7. Also there’s another add-on on here XXX-O-DUS. Install it. 0920

8. Go back, there is another add-on on here that’s really good for movies and TV shows as well as for adult add-ons “Bennu”, install it, choose the newest version. 2103

9. Click Bennu again and open it. As I mentioned before you get movies TV shows and the adult zone right here now in order to access this you need a password so they will tell you to create a password. Whenever you enter it’s gonna ask you for a password.


That’s all, I hope you enjoy this article and the pictures.

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