Keep away from Alzheimer’s disease! These smart stuff deserve to buy!

Android tv box

This is an aging society, many people are living much longer than average, the young are busy in making a living, they accompany with they parent less and less. A great number of old folks become lonely.


A few days ago, one 67 years old man messaged me, complaining that his Kodi box kept freezing, after he turned it off then could not turn on again, I suggested him to make a factory reset but helpless. Later, I sent him a firmware to update the box, in a long talk, he blamed that no one could help him, feeling despairingly. Of course, we do all know that some old people are confusing such kind of streaming media player, but these electronic smart products do really bring entertainment to them, make their no longer alone. Nowadays, people search more ways to stream, android tv box is the first choice based on the outcome of a poll. Show you love to parent, what we are doing now is to remedy this regret.


Another Great fidget toy for Time-Killing, anxiety & stress Release is a Magic Cube toy, such kind of funny thing no just a children toy, it’s various play types bring people endless possibilities of fun! Activate old mans’ imagination and creativity, practicing their brain, also improve memory and hand skills, this 3D Puzzle allows the old to keep fingers moving to stay healthy. Why there is more and elder folks cause Alzheimer’s disease, because they lack of activity in the brain. So to keeps their hands busy, it is a good distraction if their fidget a lot and with this, it just keeps going and going.



To care for our parent! Please, not let them alone, we enjoy colorful streaming life, entertainment around us everyday, but we seldom show love to them, why they can not play the same thing we have? Go on now! Just one single thing!

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