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Solution for Widevine level 3 DRM found for Dolamee D5 android 6.0.1

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Resolution for Android tv box. Attached screenshot showing Widevine level 3 DRM on Dolamee D5 :

First the how to : Assuming you are running on firmware Dolamee_D5_rtl8189es_RK3229_6.0.1_20170224 or derivative of that firmware. 

1) Install from Google Play : DRM Info…idfung.drminfo
2) Run and check if any Widevine DRM is listed.
3) Download…mUwMHN2MnZoVlk changes to add on your computer.
4) Unzip file into a directory.
5) Goto command prompt and get ready to issue some ADB commnads.
6) Issue the following commnads


adb connect “IP address of Dolamee D5”
adb root
adb connect “IP address of Dolamee D5”
adb remount
adb push -p /system/vendor/lib/
adb push -p /system/vendor/lib/mediadrm/
adb push -p /system/vendor/lib/mediadrm/
adb push -p /system/vendor/lib/
adb push -p /system/vendor/lib/
adb push -p /system/vendor/lib/
adb push -p /system/framework/
adb push -p bcm43438a1.hcd /system/vendor/firmware/
adb push -p BCM4345C0.hcd /system/vendor/firmware/
adb shell mkdir /system/vendor/lib64/
adb push lib64/ /system/vendor/lib64/
adb reboot

After Reboot
7) Run and check if any Widevine DRM is listed. It should be there now.

I hope this all works.

Now to the How To Portion of the ride.
Originally I was just unhappy with the new Dolamee_D5_rtl8189es_RK3229_6.0.1_20170224 firmware because of all the extra bloat and unneeded applications (in my opinion)
So with allot of help I started on the process of modifing the .img file.
Along the line I got interested in adding Widevine.

Yes I am working on modding it to give videwine support and HD audio passthrough but I’m not yet there as there are some bugs, so a case of watch this space.

and had seen a comment from f1riv

Hello everyone, As nobody answered me I give the solution in the firmware dolamee D5 1 g / 8 g Which included Google Widevine firmware for the modular DRM…

After looking at f1riv’s work and chatting with him about it I pulled the files from his upload that had changed from the stock firmware .img and found out where to place them.
It has been a learning experience and has been a fun journey.

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  1. Thank you, I unzipped the files in the adb directory and it worked 🙂
    So nice to be able to watch mycanal and molotov


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