Great Adult Add-on, How to Install Terrarium TV On Android Box

Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV 1.8.1 is available now,  do you have installed it on your Android tv box?  According to Terrarium TV official announcement that the built-in video player (ExoPlayer) is now fully optimized. In addition, a few providers have been added in this update so there should be more GoogleVideo links. You guys please update to the latest version to enjoy the best experience!

Here show you how to install Terrarium TV on Android box. Most people all set the Google Player Store on their tv box homepage, and if you want to install Terrarium TV successfully, you guys must make sure that your VPN is connected normal, since A VPN is suggested when using services such as Terrarium TV due to copyright laws. So at first you go to the Setting to check that Unknown sources in the Security in open on.

tv box

Then click on the App on the homepage screen, enter the Browser, it will open your Google Homepage, here type on the search box by using your remote. Some remotes of tv boxes with a mouse button on the remote like the following model, such as Leelbox. It is easy to use the mouse to input message on the keypad of the android tv box.


Once into the website it will come out a link that named Terrarium TV, do not to click it directly with the mouse. Click on the left button by using your mouse, so you will see a box that shows you apk link, click on Open, it is going to download.

 Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV

Bak home,  Click Apps, go to FileBrowser, check out that, you can see the menu on the inside top of the file, click on it, scrolling down to the Download File, you will see a apk, click it on and to install it. Now the Terrarium TV is installing, when it finished, click Open and check the allow of the pop – up box. Now you have finished the Terrarium TV installing.


tv boxes

tv boxes


Move your mouse to the left of the screen, pull down the menu you will see TV shows, go to the Setting and choose a default video player, here suggest you choose MX.

Terrarium TV

android box

If you click the movie sources it will show there is no data. Here you can move your mouse to the top of the box, click search box and type one movie name, you will see the search results, choose one and click the play box

android box

Here will remindyou MX player has not install, just check Install, it will lead to you to the Google player Store and you jut need to donwload and install it. then you go to the sources list, choose one video source to play, click allow, at the end, the video now is  playing.

MX Player

kodi box

For update fails, please backup all the stuff and uninstall the old version first. Then, download the latest APK from Terrarium TV official website and re-install it. If you lost your settings or favorites, simply go to Settings and restore them back.


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