How to use Leelbox Smart TV Box

smart tv box

How to set up before using your Smart TV Box? Now, this is a guidance manual for the new who to use Leelbox tv box first time.

1.Press “Help” Key of remote control or open browser for help while using. Then it will go to open browser and go to support page, there are lots of useful apps for android tv box.

smart tv box

tv boxes

2. We need to install “Kodi”, now click on the all icon and download it.


3. When clicking on “download” icon, it will pop-up a box that asks you to download it, just click the “Download” option, then it begins to download.

4. When Kodi has downloaded, you can choose the file and press “Ok” key of the remote. Then it will ask you to install it, click on “Install” option and start to install.

Now you have installed Kodi center, you can go ahead to download the add-ons you like.

If you guys want to know how to set up your new Kodi build, you can check this article Best Kodi Builds 2017. Sometime your Kodi may keep flashing, even you unplugged the TV cable and restart the tv box still fall to work, you need to update your Kodi, just uninstall it and reinstall. Learn more about Leelbox Smart TV BOX, go here.


2 thoughts on “How to use Leelbox Smart TV Box

  1. Best leelbox I ever seen…after purchase this box we realized …y we waste lots of time for another devices…
    Leelbox team thank u soooooo much….for this amazing product….u need more advertisement for this amazing product….
    Keep it up…..

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