How to Upgrade Firmware on Leelbox Android Box with USB Burning Tool (2018)

A few months ago, I have written an article showing How to upgrade firmware via SD card. Another method is Firmware upgrade with USB Burning Tool. Most firmware distributed online will probably use the method above, but if you’ve been given a single firmware file, often using the img extension, you need to use another Windows tool called USB Burning Tool. If for some reasons, your firmware is badly damaged, and can’t access the recovery mode, that may be the only way to unbrick your board. Here’s how to proceed. I also attach the video show me how to make it. See below.


1. This method available to Leelbox Q3, (mac number begins with C68) M8S PRO, M8S MAX Android 6.0 tv box; and Android 7.1 Leelbox Q3, M8S PRO (mac: C68…), M8S MAX (mac: C68…), Kingbox K3.  Please ask and check with the customer service before you upgrade firmware. More firmware of other tv boxes please check here.

2. If your Q3 Android tv box is S812, you should know that the Android version is 5.1, this is not supported to upgrade Android 6.0 or Android 7.1, if you don’t follow the suggestion, it will damage the box! Here the upgrade method we wrote is for S912, S905X Q3.


Leelbox Q3 Android 7.1 firmware Q3-912-7.1-Kodi-z02-1230:!U2IAEQzA!w2GNof-zNuAXkY1OLumcAoJSt0CK5u03ANEc2kXHftU

M8SPRO_S905W_A95XR2_9377_2+16_20171122 (Android 7.1 firmware):!yUcgiSIL!2DXrghk3xFuIVe_ziMDWi2hzUEVV1SSbh0wUkYdddTU

M8SMAX_S905W_A95XR2_9377_2+16_20171122 (Android 7.1 firmware):!CIVXCDCR!rHWEtA0bp3Qd0r_pAsTVa9BKPfLyMzKnDHvsq2Gle4k

Kingbox K3 Android 7.1 Firmware:!1J0RkAhL!_uxY4Ft5M9n_vLFlWVqE9opER7iSYt8b0FDrKFG0cRs

Steps to upgrade:

1. Download USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.9 user.rar. (Leelbox Q3, M8S PRO USB Bruning Tool);

Download USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.8-with-license. (Only for K3 USB Bruning Tool)
2. Extract the archive and run setup_v2.0.9.exe file to install the tool.
3. Start the USB_Burning_Tool.

firmware upgraded
4. Click on File->Import image and select your specific .img firmware for your Amlogic device.

firmware upgrade
5. Make sure that your Amlogic device is powered off, with the USB OTG port connected to your PC. Use a toothpick to press the recovery button, and power the device. The USB burning tool should automatically detect your device.

firmware upgrade

firmware upgrade

firmware upgrade

6. Now click on the ‘Start’ button to proceed with the firmware update which should last several minutes.

firmware upgrade

When you click Start, press and hold the reset button in the AV, insert the USB head, the tool will automatically recognize the device, and start automatically burn the firmware, to achieve 100% of the time, burn successfully.


See “How to update firmware on TV BOX(Rockchip), Method 1 via SD Card“.

Check out “How to upgrade Leelbox to Android 7.1 via PC.

If you don’t know how to download USB_Burning_Tool, you can also contact Leelbox customer service to get one. Welcome to comment below!





38 thoughts on “How to Upgrade Firmware on Leelbox Android Box with USB Burning Tool (2018)”

  1. I have tried flashing a firmware update (android 7) on a Leelbox M8S Max (2017) that has 2 G RAM and 16G ROM. I have followed all the steps here (both SD card and USB burning tool). SD Card technique didn’t work at all. The USB Burning Tool starts Flashing but after 2% gives me this error: Romcode/Initialize DDR/Initialize PLL/USB Control setup error. I have also tried with 3 different USB cables. My PC is a Intel 5 CPU (4th gen) and Windows 7 Pro.

    I have tried with 5 different versions of USB Burning Tool (from 2.04 to 2.09) for at least 30 times and all of them give the same errors.

    Please give me a solution. I am tired of trying! Thanks.

    Subhash Reddy


    1. Hi, friend
      You should not update with the firmware on your Android 7.1 m8s pro, as I write on this article, it is for android 6.0 m8s max, m8s pro, and Q3, since the 7.1 firmware has not released, so this firmware is not available to your 7.1 tv box. Could you please let me know what’s wrong with your tv box, we will try our best to help you.


  2. I have the new K3, what is the firmware and method to install the operative system again. I installed Xposed Framework because I could´nt install my bank app, but the module to hide Root access ruined my Tv Box, It deleted root, and now K3 does not work properly. Super Su shows every moment, block the system, and does not answer, Apps get stuck …
    I tried to wipe all data and reboot, even partition cache, but after reboot all keeps the same.
    I need urgent help please, my brand new Android Tv Box is ruined. I tried to load the “old” firmware old versions through the computer but the process stops at 2%.
    Is the new firmware going to be public soon, is there any solution to my problem?
    I hope your help,


    1. Hello, Tony
      We are sorry to hear that, but not worry. We would like to give you support, could you please send us your email address? So that our customer service can give you solution, waiting for your soon news. Thanks!


      1. You are welcome, no worry, we have already sent your problem, they will message you in no soon, if you still have problem, please contact Leelbox do not hesitate. Thanks


    1. Hi, Paul
      We do not suggest you to upgrade the box, improper operation or the machine have been used too long, upgrade will damage the model.


  3. I have a Leelbox Q3 6.0 box I didn’t upgrade or even try yet the box began flashing blue and red I have attempted to flash the firmware using the usb burning tool I received a successfully burn message but the box still flashes blue what am I doing wrong the computer obviously recognizes it via usb please help


      1. Yes, I’ve tried several, the Q3 box acts like there is no firmware the TV doesn’t recognize it .. But the PC will


      2. So now is it the box working normally? How does the box after you restarted? If you want to get more assistance, you can contact the customer service you bought from the shop. If you need our help, please give us your order number and email. Thanks!


  4. No the box continues to show a flashing blue light. , Yes I would appreciate leelbox tech support help I believe it was July 2017 it was purchased and this occurred in December


  5. I have a leelbox m8s pro purchased last summer never had success with it working. I’d like to try updating the firmware or something. I would have returned it but I missed the deadline via Amazon. Please assist me I’d like to have a working box


    1. I also have a logitech k400 keyboard that works fine on other boxes. But when I plug the adapter into this one the trackpad works fine but keyboard does not. Any solutions


      1. Hi, Jordon
        We are sorry to hear that, but I will try to get support for you. Have u tried to reset the tv box? I suggest you give us your order number and email address, attach the mac number of your box. Leelbox customer service will help you fix your problem, thanks!


  6. I am still waiting for the upgrade of my Q3 Box. There is Android 5.1 installed and i want to upgrade to Android 6 or Android 7. The USB Burning Tool starts Flashing but after 2% gives me this error: Romcode/Initialize DDR/Initialize PLL/USB Control setup error. The same problem as in the articel before. You wrote: “Notice! Since the technology is upgrading now, K3 & Q3 can not use to update during 2018 Jan 22th-31st.”
    When will you publish the new firmware ?? 31st is still gone.


  7. Hi,

    I’m trying to update a kingbox K3. USB Burning Tool starts Flashing but after 4% gives me these errors:
    – [0x93610902] Unknown
    – I refresh it and the error is [0x93610902] Unknown again
    – After that, i refesh it again and time starts until it gets 12. In that moment, process stops and returns [0x10302001]Romcode/Switch status/Check connect/Enum device error

    It has android 6 installed, so where is the problem?


    1. Hello, Anthony, very sorry to hear about that. Could you please let me know if you have followed the right steps? We wonder if you could send us a video to show how you upgrade? So that we can give the Feedback to engineer, and they could know what the real problem. Thanks! To this mail:


  8. Hello everyone, I have the Q3PRO leelbox, I do not see any reference for this tv box, I only see for the q3 model, the firmware for q3 compatible with q3pro?
    I have a problem, when I’m playing a movie suddenly the screen turns pink or green. My system is Android 6, I do not find the option to force RGB. Can I solve this problem if I update with the firmware of the q3 modleo?
    thank you very much.


  9. Hello, I have the Kingbox K3 model, it is the 4K model, I try to install the android 7, downloaded from the official website ..https: //
    I use the tool that they say, after many attempts the PC recognizes me the device, but when it installs the firmware it stays locked at 4% setting this — [0x93610902] Unknown —, I do not know if the access is blocked to install said firmware, that is, if it is to be rotated.
    I ask for your help, attentively Agustin


      1. Send two emails to support @, but they should have a lot of work because I have not received any replies yet, but I tried to open the img file of the rom and all the programs that I tried with did not recognize me file corrupt, can that img file be wrong?


  10. Today I sent mail with videos, photos and text explaining the error, greetings,Sent by WeTransfer, will be available 7 days, according to the web


  11. Hello, I already send the emails, I say emails because there have been three, the last since 7 days and there is no way to answer me, I do not know if it is because the K3 has no solution or do not see a solution, I do not know if you have an opportunity to address them, but if you have to help me, there is no way to load the firmware
    Kingbox K3 Android 7.1 Firmware:!1J0RkAhL!_uxY4Ft5M9n_vLFlWVqE9opER7iSYt8b0FDrKFG0cRs



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