Leelbox S912 Q3 Android tv box with some more pretensions!

In these weeks we tested the Leelbox Q3, the latest evolution of the Android TV Box Q series that we have already had the opportunity to thoroughly test with the Q2 Mini and Q2 Pro models. Leelbox Q3 improves in hardware, but perhaps not in performance, but doing of the price – as always in Leelbox products – one of his winning weapons!


Leelbox Q3: Unboxing

Compared to the Q2 series, the Leelbox Q3 has a more generous size, which translates into a larger but essentially identical sales package: much information on the various sides and an image of the TV Box on the front.

Also complete the equipment that includes, in addition to our Leelbox Q3, a guide to ‘use, an excellent remote control – full of functionality and universal – and then still an HDMI cable of about 1.5 m and the wall power supply.

Good quality of accessories, especially the remote control optimized for the use of a TV Box. Note of demerit instead, for only 90 cm of cable for the power supply, which will make it difficult for many people to position the TV Box!

Design & Specifications

With the Leelbox Q3, despite the increased size, you leave the small but comfortable display adopted on the Q2 in favor of a small LED status indicator on the front.

The back contains most of the inputs: Ethernet, HDMI, AV, power input, optical audio output (really rare) and two USB 2.0 standard. The latter, being placed both near and in the back, could be not very accessible in some cases.


Finally, on the right side, a slot allows the insertion of SD cards to expand the 16 GB of internal memory up to a maximum of 64GB! In this regard, we recommend that you use the 64GB MicroSD best suited for playing content in FullHD or even in 4K.

But let’s get to the specifications: the datasheet of the Leelbox Q3, compared to the Q2 Pro, has been updated and improved to find more reactivity and fluidity in the operations:


The Leelbox Q3 offers full multimedia with wide compatibility in audio/video formats and also thanks to the ability to decode video in 4K (UltraHD) and 3D. Obviously, the HDMI video output allows a maximum resolution of FullHD (1080i) which is, as seen from the video below, smooth and without jamming.

The colors are calibrated quite well (but not customizable) to be able to enjoy most of the content, with saturated tones without exaggeration. The audio sector is excellent, enriched by the optical input that allows you to enjoy audio systems 7.1 and beyond!

With the pre-installed apps then, the Leelbox Q3 is a TV Box ready for use: media player, KD Player, and Cloud TV to enjoy streaming content, Netflix and then more Music, Play Store and more.

Also noteworthy is CetusPlay – which we have already seen in the review of the Leelbox Q2 – with which you can completely control the TV Box via Wi-Fi with an app!

And if that was not enough, you can always buy a Leelbox wireless remote control, like the one you see in the photos, which thanks to the integrated touchpad makes the experience much smoother and more pleasant.


Conclusions & Price

Overall, therefore, the Leelbox Q3 should be interpreted not only as a TV Box that can turn a TV into a real smart TV but also something more thanks to the wide compatibility and the potential of a good sound system.

To take it home you do not even have to shell out a lot, given the approximately 55 euros requested by Leelbox.

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