How to upgrade Leelbox to Android 7.1 via PC.

This post is a great number of Leebox fans who eager to see. How to upgrade to Android 7.1? Please note the method mentioned in this article is not suitable for the tv box which version is below Android 6.0. Leelbox and its sister brand Kingbox series Android tv box have already updated to Android 7.1 version in the new 2018, and also pre-installed Kodi 17.6, meet the needs of customers who want an upgrade greatly.

First, you need to prepare these Tool:

  1. A computer
  2. A double headed USB line
  3. A small stick (to press the AV hole there is a reset button)


图片2   图片3

  • Please make sure you have already copied the firmware to your PC. The two Android 7.1 firmware below are corresponding to Leelbox and Kingbox, they apply to the different brand of products, go ahead to check the appropriate firmware, then click the download address.

KingboxRK-8703-7.1nv3-Kodi-1225: (Kingbox K1, K1 plus, K2, but not for Kingbox K3!)!w2BXFbhQ!lpW2_C9W1pjnhyZjT66kfnn-3ovcl2M0FCzzNWf0o8I

LeelboxRK-8703-7.1nv3-Kodi-1225: (Available to shell model is t95d MXQ PRO, MXQ MINI, Q2 pro, Q2 mini, Q1)!wrwyXYxD!0q0yVDFfTqmCLrri9vglBvm890n6jFRiFYl_mUkVbTE

Step1:  install the Driver.

You should install the following Driver on your PC at first, click on the below links and install them.



Open it and scroll down to DriverAssistant-v4.5, click it on, then it will pop up a box asks you driver and install when it occurs this notice, it is already installed now, click ok.

firmware-install            DriverAssistant-v4.5
open it and scroll down to DriverAssistant-v4.5, click it on and                 upgrade-android-7.1

Driver install success!

Step2: download  Android Tool  and  firmware

(1) Download AndroidTool_Release_v2.42 from this link:!BuQDUaQa!4DMhKihEmx4ARePBk8IN_Jw9Kcq1d5kb7wWjS6Qf5uc

Here take Leelbox Q2 pro, for example, Q2 Pro Android 7.1 TV Box With Kodi 17.6 Dual Wifi 4K with System hardware configuration CPU/RK3229 quad-core cortex-A7 frequency: 2.0G. See the following steps:

Here is the firmware link :!wrwyXYxD!0q0yVDFfTqmCLrri9vglBvm890n6jFRiFYl_mUkVbTE

(Put the Android Tool package and firmware img file in a position that easy to you find it)


We need to open the AndroidTool.exe and select the firmware in this Tool. Now unzip the package of AndroidTool, and firmware img. then click on AndroidTool.exe.

图片5           upgrade-android-7.1

Click here.

Unzip the package

Step 3: Loading the firmware

Click here  图片6,  then it will pop up a box and ask you to put in the right firmware.


Choose the firmware img.


Step 4:  Recover the tv box (very important )

1.Insert one side USB port to your computer,

2.Use the stick press the AV hidden reset button, hold on, do not loosen.

3.Insert the other side USB port to your TV box.

( hold the hidden button while connecting TVBox to your PC by USB extension line ,until the state show find a LOADER device )

upgrade to android 7.1

upgrade to android 7.1

Step 5:  Start to update

Now Click on here  图片9.png (this Chinese mean upgrade), then it will start to program automatically.

upgrade to android 7.1

When you see the right side start writing, you can loose the AV reset button. And waiting for the firmware completely download.

图片13               图片12

when up to the first 100%, then still need to wait for the second 100% finish, after that the android box is already upgraded to Android 7.1 version.


Step 6:  Start your TV Box.

Take out the USB cable from the computer. then connect the TV box to your TV, and restart the TV Box. Keep the power on, It will take 3-5 minis, please wait patiently.

upgrade android 7.1

upgrade android 7.1

More firmware check here.

Go here to see “How to Upgrade Firmware on Leelbox Android Box with USB Burning Tool (2018)

How to update firmware on TV BOX(Rockchip), Method 1 via SD Card“.











45 thoughts on “How to upgrade Leelbox to Android 7.1 via PC.”

    1. Hi, Rom
      We are sorry to let you know that there is still have no firmware to m8s pro, the engineer still study it to make out. Once release we will post it, thanks for your kindly understand.


    1. Hello, if you were using Leelbox mini keyboard, Leelbox keypad is not supporting to switch off the tv box, you should use your remote to finish this instruction. Thanks!


    1. Hello, we are sorry that M9S PRO has not firmware to upgrade to android 7.1, the engineers still study it. Thanks your support, we will follow this case.


      1. I’m glad to hear that may be sometime one day the M9S Pro will be upgradable!

        Please let us know when



  1. Hello!
    Firmware update is suitable for Leelbox Q2 Pro?
    Will the firmware erase all the settings and apps installed on the tv box? I have already installed Kodi and already configure it: will it be erased as an example?
    Thank you


      1. Actually I received an email from the your tech support saying that it’s not really a good idea… so I gave up. But that’s really a shame I cannot upgrade. Thanks anyway.


      2. Yes, Marco
        To keep it running more stable, and not damage the system. We will suggest the box stay android. Thanks for your kindly understand.


  2. How can I Root leelbox q2 pro after update to android 7? Supersu don’t working, is impossible make the update of the bin file.


      1. Can I have a link of Android 6 version for leelbox Q2 pro? I Want to come back, I have some problems with Android 7.1. Thanks i’m waiting.


      2. Mega says… The file you are trying to download is no longer available. Do you have another link? Thanks


    1. ok, sorry for my english. I need the stock rom for leelbox q2 pro, the rom with andorid 6 marshmellow. Can I have a link of the android 6 marshmellow for the leelbox q2 pro? Thank you


  3. Hello!!

    I have just purchased Leelbox Q2 Pro and its specs says that this device can decode the Dolby Digital Plus (DD+) audio codec (I suppose that this process is done by hardware but I try playing some videos (that have this audio codec) using android native player (my app uses this player) and I can watch image but with no sound. On Sound section in Settings, Surround sound option is set to “Automotive” and Audio Device option is set to “HDMI Bitstream”.

    Do I have to configure something else?

    I hope you can help me.

    Thank you in advance!


    1. Hello, please try to plug in the HDMI cable, if the problem is still, try a new HDMI cable. If the problem still exists, please let us know. Thanks!


      1. Hello, I have tried 3 HDMI cables (with 2 differents TV’s) and I still have problems: I can’t listen videos with Dolby Digital Plus codec.


  4. hello! witth this method,how long is the hold av to link the box with computer? I hold av at least 3 minutes and nothing happens.

    Other question, how I know is my box is recovery set? I think its root of factory settings. Does should be in standby mode(red led) when I hold the av button?

    My box is a Q2 mini.

    Thank u.


    1. The SD card method does not use the reset button when making cards.
      After made SD card, while using the card.
      Connect the TV and set-top box with high-definition cable.
      Insert the card into the set-top box,
      Hold down the AV,
      Plug in the power,
      Does not release the AV key until there is a display entering the flash interface.


  5. hello, i’m not really sure what box I have and what firmware or method I should use. on the bottom of the unit it says MAC C42AFE255119 it says mxq pro on top and has the clock with blue light on the front but in the settings menu the product model is leelbox version 6.0.1.

    Also, I would like to use an SD card to update this if possible as or do I use the method above with the usb chord?

    Thank you for your help


    1. Hi, may I know you want to upgrade to Android 7.1? Before you make a upgrade you should make sure the model you keep and the mac number of the box, this would help you the box comes from which vendor and use the corresponding firmware flash.


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