How to update firmware for Leelbox RK chip Android 7.1 TV box via PC

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Recently, Some Italy and France friends meet this problem, Prime video not working.      Don’t worry, This post will help you. Try to update the firmware, it will solve your problem.

Now we would like to know How to update firmware for the Leelbox or Kingbox (sister brand).  the device is android 7.1, RK3229 chip and MAC number start with C42AF.

Here is the general method of operation:

Before update, prepare a two-headed USB cable, computer (windows system )  and a small stick or Cotton swab.
download the file we need (Firmware, Driver, USB burning Tool )

Q1  Q2 mini  Q2 Pro  MXQ mini  MXQ Pro    RK 7.1 Firmware   0523!13x3GZDJ!bCma91nQSjkH-nPbhMeiFDgSlS8COk6odHVMJkvnsUU

Driver Assistant _v4.5 .zip!gqpWGYxQ!j8zbJy40Kprb2HXIrGDfy9YO4eQULAHjgvrUO3T85WU

USB Burning Tool!ZHpUCQBb!XO0-nHT8f8lLc48SkDUiei6UEFSLG3ScB5rNTVH8Ldw
after download all the file we need, we can start to update:
1. install the Driver, and open the Tool,
2. load the img. firmware to the Tool,
3. Press the AV reset button hold on, then connect with the TV box and computer until the PC recognize the TV box.
4. click upgrade, it will go to update state.

Details Tutorial download here :!46xwRDZT!vMWYpCNVOhZWGFp9eU77dbRB4I_sofwC3BXVOXqD0XA

If your device is K1   K1plus   K2   RK 7.1, the firmware download here :

K1   K1plus   K2      RK 7.1  Firmware  05023!9ixiARjA!bV9Gr4o_4k6Prk095JdksArL3NMvZVsB9tA0WqbeGwU




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