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How to install Kodi 17.6 on Leelbox Android tv box


Today I will show you guys how to install Kodi 17.6 on Leelbox Android tv box.

Now open your tv and plug in Leelbox, start it and go down to your system setting.

donwload kodi 17.6

You will be on your home screen now, and then go to the Apps, looking the Kodi in Downloaded apps.


donwload kodi 17.6

Open it up, and click on Force stop, then scroll down to Uninstall

donwload kodi 17.6     donwload kodi 17.6

After uninstalling the Kodi, go back to the Setting home screen, scroll down to the Security & Restriction, open it up and make sure your Unknown source is selected.

install Kodi 17.6


Now go back to your home screen, and open your Browser, type the into the search box. Click on Download.

install Kodi 17.6

Now simplify scroll down can find the Android version APK. Click on AUMV7A (32BIT), because it seems to work more stable, but you guys can download it according to your TV Box version.

install Kodi 17.6

After installed, click on it and if you can not open the file, go back to the home and open up Apps.

install kodi 17.6

You will find App Installer, open up and click on Local Disk.

install kodi 17.6

install kodi 17.6

Then you will see Kodi-17.6-Krypton here, click on and go forward to install, then click on Done.


Or you can go back to the Apps, open File Browser, and click on the Local Disk.

install kodi 17.6

install kodi 17.6

Go to the Download, then click on the Kodi-17.6-Krypton as well.


The above two methods you can choose one to download Kodi-17.6 Krypton. Now go back to the home screen and find the Kodi, start it. If you don’t know how to install the add-ons for movies, read this article.





Using this Tool to get your LAN MAC back!


Some people would lose the LAN MAC of their tv box when they use the firmware to reboot the system, how to get it back? Today take my Leelbox tv box as an example, will show you guy how to fix this problem. But notice that if your tv box version is below Android 6.0, it may not work for it. I don’t suggest do an upgrade in your old model such as Android 4.4 or 5.1, it may damage the machine hardware, even broken.

This amazing tool can help you get the LAN MAC back,  now click on this zip file on the below links:


Download to your computer and unzip the folder, go ahead to click on the application WNpctool_Setup_V1.1.8_1201_OEM.exe and install it with your language.


After finished this step, now go ahead to open it, move your mouse to the Setting on the top left corner, select “mode” in the drop-down box, click on it.

setting code

Now you will see there are five columns in the mode, make sure remove “√” in the choice of other four columns, leaving only the “√” of “LAN MAN”. Here the only thing you do is choose “manual control”, second go ahead click “apply”, then press OK. (As the picture shows)


Take out a small stick, insert it to Recover button, and press it not loose until it occurs “Find a LOADER device”, if you find the button above “Write in” is green, then it works, now you are allowed to type your LAN MAC address. If red, it fail.


Reset button

Type the MAC number, which is on the back of your tv box. Then click “Put in” (As the picture shows)


Now it works!







How to upgrade Leelbox to Android 7.1 via PC.

Upgrade Leelbox to Android 7.1

This post is a great number of Leebox fans who eager to see. How to upgrade to Android 7.1? Please note the method mentioned in this article is not suitable for the tv box which version is below Android 6.0. Leelbox and its sister brand Kingbox series Android tv box have already updated to Android 7.1 version in the new 2018, and also pre-installed Kodi 17.6, meet the needs of customers who want an upgrade greatly.

First, you need to prepare these Tool:

  1. A computer
  2. A double headed USB line
  3. A small stick (to press the AV hole there is a reset button)


图片2   图片3

  • Please make sure you have already copied the firmware to your PC. The two Android 7.1 firmware below are corresponding to Leelbox and Kingbox, they apply to the different brand of products, go ahead to check the appropriate firmware, then click the download address.

KingboxRK-8703-7.1nv3-Kodi-1225: (Kingbox K1, K1 plus, K2, but not for Kingbox K3!)!w2BXFbhQ!lpW2_C9W1pjnhyZjT66kfnn-3ovcl2M0FCzzNWf0o8I

LeelboxRK-8703-7.1nv3-Kodi-1225: (Available to shell model is t95d MXQ PRO, MXQ MINI, Q2 pro, Q2 mini, Q1)!wrwyXYxD!0q0yVDFfTqmCLrri9vglBvm890n6jFRiFYl_mUkVbTE

Step1:  install the Driver.

You should install the following Driver on your PC at first, click on the below links and install them.



Open it and scroll down to DriverAssistant-v4.5, click it on, then it will pop up a box asks you driver and install when it occurs this notice, it is already installed now, click ok.

firmware-install            DriverAssistant-v4.5
open it and scroll down to DriverAssistant-v4.5, click it on and                 upgrade-android-7.1

Driver install success!

Step2: download  Android Tool  and  firmware

(1) Download AndroidTool_Release_v2.42 from this link:!BuQDUaQa!4DMhKihEmx4ARePBk8IN_Jw9Kcq1d5kb7wWjS6Qf5uc

Here take Leelbox Q2 pro, for example, Q2 Pro Android 7.1 TV Box With Kodi 17.6 Dual Wifi 4K with System hardware configuration CPU/RK3229 quad-core cortex-A7 frequency: 2.0G. See the following steps:

Here is the firmware link :!wrwyXYxD!0q0yVDFfTqmCLrri9vglBvm890n6jFRiFYl_mUkVbTE

(Put the Android Tool package and firmware img file in a position that easy to you find it)


We need to open the AndroidTool.exe and select the firmware in this Tool. Now unzip the package of AndroidTool, and firmware img. then click on AndroidTool.exe.

图片5           upgrade-android-7.1

Click here.

Unzip the package

Step 3: Loading the firmware

Click here  图片6,  then it will pop up a box and ask you to put in the right firmware.


Choose the firmware img.


Step 4:  Recover the tv box (very important )

1.Insert one side USB port to your computer,

2.Use the stick press the AV hidden reset button, hold on, do not loosen.

3.Insert the other side USB port to your TV box.

( hold the hidden button while connecting TVBox to your PC by USB extension line ,until the state show find a LOADER device )

upgrade to android 7.1

upgrade to android 7.1

Step 5:  Start to update

Now Click on here  图片9.png (this Chinese mean upgrade), then it will start to program automatically.

upgrade to android 7.1

When you see the right side start writing, you can loose the AV reset button. And waiting for the firmware completely download.

图片13               图片12

when up to the first 100%, then still need to wait for the second 100% finish, after that the android box is already upgraded to Android 7.1 version.


Step 6:  Start your TV Box.

Take out the USB cable from the computer. then connect the TV box to your TV, and restart the TV Box. Keep the power on, It will take 3-5 minis, please wait patiently.

upgrade android 7.1

upgrade android 7.1

More firmware check here.

Go here to see “How to Upgrade Firmware on Leelbox Android Box with USB Burning Tool (2018)

How to update firmware on TV BOX(Rockchip), Method 1 via SD Card“.











What is the better fast server?


I was told that Google links were back on there, but don’t expect to see them as often as you used to before. Some movies don’t have it and if you watch shows some seasons of that show won’t have it. But for the most part, it’s there. Some of these things will run a year or so before it dies, meanwhile, Google has stepped up there removing links game.

So what can be a better choice to play the sources? Someone suggested that LCDN Fast and CDN Fast are other sources you can try that work almost just as fast as Google links. I watched a few TV shows earlier today using the Openload link. It takes a little longer for the show to initially start, but once they did, they played fine. I have found that the internet speed and reliability will make a big difference in how well anything but Google links will play. Actually, I don’t find many 1080p links is that due to location or speed.

I saw some player servers posted by Terrarium TV, but not really get familiar with them. Which one do you think is better?
A list of fast servers (in no particular order):

What is the best Android 7.1 tv box (2018, Jan)

Where to buy and what is the best Android7.1 tv box, are you still remember the old version Android 6.0 Kingbox K3? The designers who created this product have excellent art skills and a unique understanding of electronic devices. In August last year there is someone keep asked Kingbox constantly about when K3 Android7.1 release, we declaimed if that do not reach the best models and operating systems, we would not release the new K3 easily.

Why in the name of Kingbox K3 & why it is the best?

Every number has its own unique meaning. Why we name Kingbox K3? Some people may know that “Three“, it’s rooted stem from the meaning of multiplicity. Creative power; growth. “Three” is a moving forward of energy, overcoming duality, expression, manifestation, and synthesis. Three is the first number to which the meaning “all” was given. It is The Triad, being the number of the whole as it contains the beginning, a middle and an end.


We really appreciate the spirit of Leelbox products and thank those people who care Leelbox creativity idea. Yes, Kingbox is a sister brand of Leelbox, and Kingbox K3 can be the best model of Kingbox series, the name comes from its design inspiration,the angular appearance of it in many android tv boxes stand out. We can see it is a model with a multilateral water chestnut, square three-dimensional design, make it more beautiful. There are bumpy corners behind the box. Not only own the streaming media features, with elegant appearance allows your living room and bedroom more perfect.

Kingbox K3

Not only that, we have integrated the advantages of the Android 6.0 version of K3, abandoned the backward running shortboard, the box upgrade to android 7.1, to create a better user experience. In the past, the uniqueness of the number “Three” should be met. Just as it includes the beginning, the middle, and an end, starting with the concept and technology of Leelbox, then Kingbox came out in the middle and ended of the outdated skills and ideas, K3 Android 7.1 TV Box 2GB Ram 16GB Rom Amlogic S912 Octa-core, as the leader leading Android tv box to the endless.


There is an ancient wisdom that says; ‘Messages or events that come in three’s are worth noticing. ‘Whenever anything is mentioned three times it is a witness to us that these things are of utmost importance.

K3 came into being, not only by coincidence but also the result of engineers studying day and night. You can dispense with the troubling cable bills with the smart tv box. You can enjoy HD streaming, unlimited resources without the need for a fire stick, Google Cast and Miracast no longer needed, modern people using the Android tv box because it lets you see the world, broaden your horizons, no longer limited to one country, your language, customs, culture, and even politics, sports, etc. It is a children’s textbook, is your handheld, is the best viewing device for housewives.


Watching Netflix and Hulu, Youtube, Terrarium TV and other apps unlimited, one step to learn it, via here!

Why MX Player?


Heard from one of our readers, according to her said, ” Can’t figure this out. Google video links are the only ones I can get to work. Open load and Streamango links will play a few seconds then go into never-ending buffering. I am running a Nvidia Shield box with an ethernet cord plugged into the box. Had the same problem with my firestick. Spectrum is my internet provider.”

These are something talking about MX player. The settings make a difference. First, the decoders are SW, HW and HW+. The SW decoder is intended for PC use. It uses the CPU only to play video. If it is a high definition file you need to play the SW decoder may not be efficient using the CPU only. There are chipsets installed by manufacturers on their devices that assist the decoding for video playing. The HW decoder uses these manufacturer chipsets to play video instead of the CPU. MW+ is using MXplayer own chipsets as opposed to the device specific. Not all devices support the HW+ decoder. Some hardware devices need to be configured properly to allow HW+ to work. If not crashes occur. These crashes are related to the device OS. You can check online forums to see if your device is supported. MX player also tries to use a devices audio decoder to play video. If a codec is not supported by the device the video may crash or play without audio. You would then try to change MX settings to not use the devices audio codes by selecting decoder settings to HW+ audio SW video. There are settings that can force the SW decoder codec.


All of this and still things can crash or not play due to the device codec or chipsets of the manufacturer’s device. You often have to look to see what file formats are supported by the device. And then know what file format a linked stream video is. All this is just MX Player. All other decoder systems will have similar issues. This is why if you are streaming and want optimal play you need to know what device you have and it’s capabilities. Then you need to understand the settings and what they do. If you have video crashing, no audio, no picture, buffering problems they are most likely due to your device and the link and whether the player is able to read the video and play it. Obviously, there is no one solution for everyone unless all are using the same versions of same devices with same settings, on same output.


But a 1080p file is more inclined to require a special codec to be read. Complex in only meaning that that extra code might not be supported in the chipset in the device or in the capability of the player to decode and play. That is why custom codecs get set up and could be the difference between why one device that has more manufactured chipsets or the player with the codec to interpret can play certain links better than a marketed device with lesser audio/video capabilities. If you have MX player and are having play issues try changing the decoder between SW, HW, and HW+. If there is no audio, try changing the settings to SW audio. Those are basic MX Player settings. It doesn’t just end with selecting the MX player. Extrapolating from this I would surmise that all other players are similar and probably why the Developer tried Exo and now Yes …to help provide options to some people having issues streaming links. But the problem is, as I said, that there can be no one solution for everyone bc of all the variables.

So what player do you using now?

YesPlayer VS MX player, which better?

Recently, Terrarium TV has announced that use YesPlayer with Terrarium TV to receive fewer video ADs from Terrarium TV. And they also suggest people don’t choose links labeled with “[SlowServer]”. They freeze a lot. However, we have heard that Yes player makes all their links freeze. Switched back to MX player and the same links are fine no buffering. Is YesPlayer really don’t meet users’ need and could not better than MX player?

Terrarium TV

Support voice to YesPlayer, actually, we could see that Terrarium TV worked until 4 am yesterday night and want to provide people more fast links and GoogleVideo links. But today, you guys keep saying that you dislike YesPlayer. But actually, you are not forced to use it. Also, you guys keep. Anyone that’s even remotely/briefly looked into streaming has heard the praises of Terrarium because it’s far superior to anything else. Thousands of people would gladly pay a monthly subscription to access terrarium.

But some people may not agree that YesPlayer has fewer ads. according to one friend said, if you exit the moxie or episode before it’s over. During the credits. Your screen will flip sideways & you guys see an ad for a second. It goes back to the list. I use Mx Player. I had a Starz ad for a new show tonight before an Episode. It was about 10 seconds. Even paid Hulu has ads on some shows. I mean I don’t mind it. And even updated and installed yes player on firestick, unfortunately, yes player only plays half of the sound channel (music but no voices), gone back to MX player and everything is fine.

Terrarium TV

There is also a neutral view, Druv Vb said he doesn’t mind adds, and installing another video player on an old android box.

How about you? What do you think of YesPlayer or MX player?

Here is A list of fast servers (in no particular order):

Open-load (depends)
Streamango (depends)

Always choose links with the above labels. There should be no or less buffering. You should not choose links labeled with “[SlowServer]” if you are not going to download them and watch later.

Remember: You can use YesPlayer if you want to see less video ad. YesPlayer the future of the built-in ExoPlayer.

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