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How to download PVR on Leelbox Android TV Box 2018


As well known that Kodi features powerful Live TV and video recording (DVR/PVR) abilities using a very flexible distributed application structure. PVR is a generic term for a device that is similar to a VCR but records television data in digital format as opposed to the VCR’s analog format. How to download PVR on Leelbox, this

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What is the best Android 7.1 tv box (2018, Jan)

Where to buy and what is the best Android7.1 tv box, are you still remember the old version Android 6.0 Kingbox K3? The designers who created this product have excellent art skills and a unique understanding of electronic devices. In August last year there is someone keep asked Kingbox constantly about when K3 Android7.1 release,

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