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Top Car Jump Stater

Your Car Engine work normal influence your car start in a cold morning? While the car start in cold day, the ECU will adjust the fuel injection quantity according to the intake air temperature and the water temperature signal. At this time, the oil gas can not be fully burned if the engine has not reached the normal working temperature, the oil gas can not be fully burned will be discharged, that why we smell gasoline. When the engine reaches the normal working temperature of 80-90 degrees, the cylinder of oil and gas are fully burned, gasoline smell disappeared. This is normal.

But there could be a big trouble if the engine is dead, you guy may stay in the cold, feeling hurry but can not do anything until the engine is full charge. I hook up one Car Jump Stater, trying to cope with this problem, in order to make sure it is really do good to me, I decide to write the feature of the product as below. Here is the info about the Emergency Car Jump starter:

1. New upgraded high power Car Jump Starter.
2. It can start car with gasoline displacement up to 6.0L and diesel engine up to 2.0L.
3. Your great assistant and must have for everyone!
1. Highest capacity: 18000mAh/44.4Wh.
2. 5V/2A 15V/1A for your choice.
3. Alarm LED lights(red and blue).
4. Hammer in the front, play an important role when emergency escape.
5. You can used as a flashlight , three-function switch-over, emergency rescue, SOS signaling, lighting, when camping, climbing or hiking in evening.
6. High capacity with high power polymer battery is adopted for fast charging.
7. It can support an emergency jump start and entirely replace the included battery for a car startup.
8. Micro USB Cable , meet your multiple needs for phones/laptops charging and completely replaces products similar to mobile power banks. USB 1(Output) is 5V,2.1A, USB 2(Output) is QC 3.0.
9. Over-current protects the device from overload, making it more convenient, safer and more energy-efficient.

Car jump stater

Package Contents:

Superpow N06 Car Jump Starter(Built-in Anti-reverse Protection)

15V/1A Portable Car Charger(DC 3.5*1.35mm,cable length 100cm)

EC5 Battery Clamps

J16.8V Car Charger Converter(DC 5.5*2.1mm, cable length 230mm)

Micro USB Cable

15V/1A Wall Charger (DC 3.5*1.35MM, cable length 100cm)

User Guide&Information Guide and Warrant.


Car jump stater

car jump stater leelbox

My car is sitting in the garage unused and I start it every month or so. The battery is so low it can’t even light up the dashboard lights, but this jump starter has the engine going immediately, just like having a freshly charged battery. I bought an Eveready jump starter before I bought this one. Famous brand name, more expensive, but it wouldn’t do anything at all. The red “Not Ready” light wouldn’t change to green when I hooked it up to the battery and there was no response at all when I turned the ignition key. I read the manual and it said the Eveready jump starter wouldn’t work if the battery was too low! Have already used twice to start my Ford CUV. Far more convenient than the large bulky unit I had previously purchased from CanadianTire. Small enough to fit in your glovebox. Also handy to charge USB devices (phones, tablets) if needed.

For anyone who feels that it doesn’t work. Press and hold the button on the block attached to clamps until it turns green. Then start your vehicle. So I finnaly write it for you guys who need it. Hope you will like it!

WiFi smart Socket, USB Port WiFi Controlled

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a Wifi Smart Socket (FK170701) to confirm that the product works with Alexa (Amazon Echo) and provides easy, reliable, secure remote control of plugged-in devices.

smart socket
If you use consumer Wi-Fi (IP) webcams (Foscam, etc.), then you may be familiar with this product’s technology and potential concerns about security and privacy. A webcam contains a microprocessor which can be programmed (with network data, operational settings and user options) and controls a camera which may be monitored using an app. A Wifi Smart Plug contains a microprocessor which can be programmed and controls a power switch which may be monitored using an app. Both local (LAN) and remote (Internet WAN) control are possible in each case.
smart plug
After confirming that the Plug indeed works as advertised, I was more curious about how and where operational data (supplied via the app) is stored and secured. That is, I’m not sure if all operational data is stored on-board the Plugin non-volatile memory in case of extended power outages and to secure such data locally. If remote control is used, what’s stored in TP-LINK’s Cloud server?

smart plug

How to connect my TP-LINK Smart Plug to my home network via Kasa?
How to make my TP-LINK Smart Plug work with Amazon Echo?

1. Download and install the Brightfun App for either iOS or Android devices. It is available on the App Store or you can get it on Google Play.

2. Open Brightfun. If you want to use the Smart Plug with Alexa (Remote Control), setup a TP-LINK (Cloud / P2P registry server) account; and, after receiving an email activation message, log in; otherwise, you may Skip setting up an account for just local control.

3. With your mobile Phone on a local 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection, open Brightfun and then:

(a) Plug Smart Plug into an AC outlet;

(b) Add Device > SMART PLUG and follow the instructions;

(c) which says to go to your iPhone’s Wi-Fi settings and connect to the Smart Plug’s Wi-Fi network and then return to Brightfun ;

(d) customize your Plug — with a unique name, etc;

(e) connect the Plug to your local Wi-Fi (with or without Remote Control, but Alexa requires Remote Control enabled).

To use a Smart Plug with Alexa:

A. On your mobile Phone in the Alexa app settings (via “hamburger” icon), tap on Smart Home and then the TP-LINK Brightfun item and log in with your TP-LINK (Cloud) account name and password.

B. Scroll down Smart Home and near the bottom tap Discover devices (search your Wi-Fi LAN) to add your named Smart Plug, which will then be listed.

C. With Alexa, say “Turn on / off (name of plug).”

You can take it to anywhere that you want, so you can use it at home or your office, you don’t need to consider it’s weight. Also, this outlet work with more small home appliances including Amazon Alexa, enjoy high-quality life!

smart socket plug

Wifi Soctet Feature:

  • Remote control -anywhere and anytime. 
  • With the function of feedback, the user can check the power states of devices in the software. 
  • Timing function. 
  • Appointment function. 
  • Sharing device control to others. 
  • The app can support 150pcs of smart socket. 
  • Can be applicated to be fans, lights, water heaters, fountain, RC model battery charger, Fish tank etc. 


  • Input voltage:AC 100-240V 50/60HZ 
  • Max rating:10A 
  • Output voltage:AC 100-240V 50/60HZ 
  • USB charger:DC 5V 2.1A 
  • Wifi standard: IEEE801.11b/g 
  • Operation frequency:ISM BAND,2.412-2.484GHZ(Depends on country region) 
  • Security:Mac encryption; WEP/WAPI/TKIP/AES 
  • Static Power:<0.8W 
  • Working Environment: 1)Temperature:-20 to 70℃ 2)Humidity:10%-95% 

The best Emergency Jump Starter(2017)

Emergency Jump Starter, a very useful tool to keep in your arsenal. My car battery has been getting to rain quite a bit recently, this beautiful power bank has made it incredibly easy to give my car a quick boost when needed. As lots of campers would like to get one Multi-purpose battery charger for their outdoor activities, it is not just can be used for their phone, Motorcycle, camera, Laptops,i-pad, but also can be a car Jump starter, even more. So wherever you go for hiking or camping, own this powerful jump start can bring you lots of convenience.

If you still blaming yourself forgot to charge for your car when you starting a long trip. Why not consider to check out a Portable Power Bank? Capacity 18000 mAh batteries at 5 volts allow you to jump start up to 8 cylinders 5-liter engine vehicles 20 times on one full charge. Up to 800A peak amperes for engine start.

P70907-151151.jpg           P70907-150957.jpg.JPG
Great Booster! I charged my car jump starter fully less than 4.5 hours, have boosted my car twice, once connected my car started right away. Also, the LED light is bright and powerful. Have you ever difficulty starting your car engine in a cold morning, then you late for work, blamed by your boss. What’s worse, pay deductions! Oh man, stop this stupid thing, using the car charger to up the engines.

P70907-150915.jpg          jump starter

I guess the capacity isn’t a huge deal if it still will jump start my car, however, jump starting your car is by nature something that you only do as needed once in a while. The fact that the rated capacity was so far off what I actually observed gives me a reason to pause when I think about whether or not it would actually start my car in an emergency.


Now you can travel with confidence knowing you will not run out of power for your vehicle, vacuum cleaner, mobile devices or your computers. Hold a multi-use power station and car jump starter not only safely jump-starts any car, truck, motorcycle or power-sports vehicle multiple times, it also provides hours of backup power to all your computer and USB powered electronic devices like smart phones and tablets and many more applications. Weighing less than two pounds, the compact design of this multi-use power station and jump starter can be stored in the glove compartment, door pocket, trunk or stashed in your carry-on.