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How to use Mobdro watching US Local channels

Download Kodi and Get Local TV Channels On Kodi for Free

There are lots of ways to watch local tv channels on your tv box. Firstly, you should download Kodi to your tv box, if you were using Leelbox android tv box, it is very easy for you to download Kodi via press the “Help” button on the remote, then you will enter Leelbox official website where offer some Apps. Or if you the new to use smart tv box, you can also download Kodi from Google browser, search “Kodi” in search box, then download and install it. Learn more, check out here.

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is an Android based application that contain plenty of free online video streaming. No limited to different TV channels, TV Shows, News, Movies, Sports and lot of other Videos. It is completely free and without any subscription charges. One of the best thing about Mobdro App is that it searches entire web to add a great number of  quality videos for the best entertainment of users. It deserves to install on your Android devices (Smart Android phone, Tablet, Android Box), and trust me you guys will no longer to delete it. if you have issues or errors with Mobdro app, I would suggest to uninstall the Mobdro app and then install the latest version of Mobdro.


How to download Mobdro and watch US Local channels?

As Mobdro Apk Before installing Mobdro Apk on your Android Box please make sure that you have Allowed the “Unknown sources” on your Android Device. If you don’t know how to Allow Unknown Sources then follow the below steps to allow “Unknown sources” on your Android device:

Home screen——Settings——More Settings——Security and there you can see one option “Unknown sources”, now you need to click on it to allow the Unknown Sources on your Android device.

Follow the below instructions to install Mobdro App on your Android  Box

1. Turn on your android box and ogo ahead to the broswer (Chrome, Opera, Android Browser)

2. Type the URL into the search box: and there you will get the option “Download the App”

3. Click on “Download the App” and if it gives you the options to download then use Chrome Browser or any other Android Browser.

4. I would suggest you to click on Chrome option if you set Chrome Browser as your default browser  and then it will download the Mobdro App on your Android Box.

5. It will come out a notification on the bottom left corner of the screen if Mobdro APK has downloaded

6. After that go back to the Home screen of your Android Box by pressing the Home Button on your remote

7. From Home screen go into your Apps>Es File Explorer, click on Local option and then click on Download option

8. Click “Download” option and you will find the Downloaded Apk (mobdro.apk)

9. Click on “mobdro.apk”,  press Install and Mobdro App will start installing on your Android Box

10  There will come out a pop up shows you Mobdor has installed


Mobdro App is now installed on your Android Box and the App can be accessed by going into your Apps from the Home screen of your Android Box, if you want to add it to the homescreen, just press “+”and select it, then press the right button of your mouse. Enjoy it!

Is this set-top box the same as Roku?

Every barber knows that Roku stream player gets streaming via a electrical wire or wireless connection to an Internet router. Audio cable,video cable, or HDMI cable all support this set top box to output data. With suitable input connections, the Roku can be connected to any kinds of video displayer. But, buddy, a bit costly I guess so. Please out of your dilemma, this Android TV Box the same as Roku yet can save you lot of money!


Yup, the technology changes our life so quickly. Not only a tv box, also a music center, a game station, even a wifi router! Kingbox K3 smart tv box comes with a mini keypad as well, it will make you feel like a BlackBerry, you guys surely know that means you can do quite a lot on it. Additionally Kodi allows you to install third-party plugins that may provide access to content that is freely available on the official content provider website. The visual elements of the device are directly pulled from the svg, so the color was not changed.


If you guys worry the mini keyboard can be used wirelessly or not. No problem, matey,  it is wireless also comes with micro usb cable for charging. I have own three pics of wireless keyboards, they can work well for me at 15-20 feet.


In a word, excellent quality and reasonable price can be the best reason to get hooked up with this android tv box. Let alone it allows me to get it with a coupon!

Check here—the Right Kodi Box to Buy

Three Best Android players are recommended by people in the second half of 2017, does your streaming video player still need to pay per month? Don’t waste money any longer. Here I will let you know these three pics of Leelbox Kodi boxes can be taken into your pockets with lower price!

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1. Newest Leelbox Android TV Box Q1

New Leelbox Q1 plays with android 6.0 system, already upgrade before it was released, with professional H.265 video decoding technology and WIFI 2.4GHZ, offering a more stable WIFI signal to enjoy a higher quality video experience.

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Q1 (2)

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2. Best Gift Kingbox K1 Plus

Although this TV box configures 2G RAM, 8G ROM,  it runs stable and you need’t worry buffering. Bunding Mini Keyboard makes it more like a decent present. Supports 4K HD output, with this kodi box, you are just required to have bluetooth, USB technologies and the Web. Delightfully, K1 Plus designs with bluetooth 4.0, USB cable, once you plug in internet or wifi, you are allowed to enjoy most of streaming video, yet needn’t pay for them.

Discount Codes: LFLUWKDK

Q2 (6)

3.TOP configuration Leelbox M9S Pro

Evreything you would expect from the Leelbox M9S Pro, beautiful display and easy configuration. Each one has been an improvement on the previous one and for the same price! I prefer the format of this latest box where you load it to what you want, saves memory and improves the speed of its function. Its not difficult to do and there are plenty of instructional videos on how to do this on the internet.

So, if you need a new Kodi box for the second half of 2017.

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m9s pro (11)








Common Q&A about keyboard,popular Android player

How to do a code matching on your keyboard?

Most of people know electronic products, some game enthusiasts love Android devices with high running memory.Here are something we should know when using android player like Wireless keyboard.

So how to use your keyboard correctly?

For this issue, you need to make sure plug the Keyboard USB receiver into your device, and then turn on the keyboard.

Second, pull out USB receiver, then press FN and F1 two keys at the same time for 2-3 seconds, then loose. At this time the light on the Wi-Fi keyboard will twinkle, and then plug the USB receiver. When the light is off, it works.

Question about Keyboard language settings?

Please follow the steps described in the pictures.Take out the USB plug,insert into your Smart TV Box.

Enter into Keyboard layouts


Choose your Language


Now it done





leelbox wireless mini keyboardleelbox wireless mini keyboardLeelbox Wireless Mini Keyboard

This Wireless Mini Keyboard deserves 5 stars,it will make your Android TV Box complete.Cool black color with good hand feeling, specific remote control and touchpad function handheld, supporting links to multiple devices like Android TV Box, Smart TV, PC/Laptop, PS3/BOX360, HTPC etc. It is very portable and includes a lithium rechargeable battery.On top of the micro keyboard, it is the charging port and on/off switch. Using the included Bluetooth dongle, plug it into Android TV Box or smart TV, the mouse will react immediately and you got instant access to full functionality.


As the picture shown, Leelbox wireless mini keyboard had a very glossy design with all the letters clearly marked on the rubber keys.Except for the general letter keys there are some extra keys, it is very good and user-friendly.The extra keys were: Volume Keys, Fast Forward and Rewind, Pause/Play, Mute, Emails, Search, Home and the left and right click buttons. All the buttons are easy to press and react quickly.

10Leelbox Wireless Mini Keyboard08

Main feature of the keyboard
Support: wireless
Types: handheld and portable types
Touchpad: two mouse keys, key for email and player. It is very humanization design

Powering ways:
Low voltage of battery: the light flashes to warn you
Power supply: coming with lithium battery which is rechargeable with USB cable

Appendix technical parameters specification:
Operational range: up to 10 meters
Transmit power: +5db Max
Operation voltage: 3.3v
Operation current: <50Ma
Charging current: <300mA
Sleep current:<1Ma
Computer system requirements: windows 2000, windows XP, Windows CE, Windows 7 Linux(Debian-3.1, Redhat-9.0 Ubuntu-8.10 Fedora-7.0 tested),Vista, XBOX360/PS3 etc., Mobile phone(only using through Bluetooth), Android/Google/Smart TV Box, HTPC/ IPTV.
Other feature: great entertainments for you.

m9s pro android tv boxmicro keyboard03I am testing this micro Keyboard with Leelbox M9S Pro Android TV Box. It is US$14.99 dollar with discount code T8H3FJU6 you can get 5% off.Compared with other keyboards for android tv box, this one may not be the cheapest, but its quality is worth that price.