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Latest Exodus Install Tutorial(Work on Feb 2018)

If your Exodus failed to work or you want to get the latest version, this tutorial could show you how to install the most popular add-on Exodus version on your Android tv box.

Open your Kodi, you come to the Kodi main interface, go ahead to the Setting, then File manager.

Scroll down to the Add sources.

New EXODUS Update 2018 On Kodi 17.6 - Works on February 2018

Now you need to find a new address of repo, and click on None, then type the path and name for the repo, if you finish, just click OK. (http://kdil.co/repo)

New EXODUS Update 2018 On Kodi 17.6 - Works on February 2018


New EXODUS Update 2018 On Kodi 17.6 - Works on February 2018

Here go back to your Kodi Home screen, on the left sidebar, you click on the Add-ons, then hit the box icon.

New EXODUS Update 2018 On Kodi 17.6 - Works on February 2018

Now we need to find the zip file we created before, go down to the Install from zip file and click on it.

New EXODUS Update 2018 On Kodi 17.6 - Works on February 2018

Find .kdil zip file and click on it, then hit the kodil.zip and OK. Now, wait for the pop up installed zip repository.


New EXODUS Update 2018 On Kodi 17.6 - Works on February 2018

Then go back to the Install from repository, click on it and go forward to the .kodil Repository, scroll down to the Video Add-ons.

New EXODUS Update 2018 On Kodi 17.6 - Works on February 2018

New EXODUS Update 2018 On Kodi 17.6 - Works on February 2018

New EXODUS Update 2018 On Kodi 17.6 - Works on February 2018

Find Exodus and click on it, now you see the updated version of Exodus repo, select the first one and install. Wait for a few seconds, when you see the Add-on installed pop up, it finished.

New EXODUS Update 2018 On Kodi 17.6 - Works on February 2018

New EXODUS Update 2018 On Kodi 17.6 - Works on February 2018








Top 5 Kodi Add-ons for Leelbox in Feb 2018

By setting up Kodi 17.6, how to watch movies, tv shows? How do they work? What are the most recommend Kodi Add-ons in Feb 2018? Here are the top 5 add-ons Triton, Oculus, DS Blamo, Supremacy, Placenta play good on Kodi 17.6, go ahead to look how they make you TV more colorful.

1. Supremacy

The Supremacy Kodi addon has a little bit of everything: live TV and sports, 4K movies, kids, TV, and a whole lot more.


After you install the addon, you’ll see the following options from the home menu:

  • 3D Films
  • 4K movies
  • Live IPTV
  • Free IPTV
  • Kids TV
  • Kids Movies
  • New Releases
  • TV Shows
  • Movies
  • Box Sets
  • Sports (by listing)
  • Sports (by channel)
  • Documentaries
  • Seasonal shows
  • Youtube

2. Oculus 

Inside Oculus is a simple interface that lists only 8 Categories. Included are Movies, TV Shows, Networks, Actors, Production, IPTV Channels & Oculus Settings. This makes it very easy to search and find content to view.


Oculus is TV Show & Movie add-on loaded with tons of great content. It is listed as one of the Best Kodi Add-Ons by the Leelbox Community.

3. Triton

If you are looking for an offering touted as the new era in add-ons, Triton is a good choice.  It includes Revelations, Boxset Kings, the Hit List, My Triton, Tool, and Search. Movies and TV shows are under the Revelations section.


4. Placenta

This addon is a new fork of the popular add-ons such as Covenant and Exodus. As with covenant & exodus for Kodi Placenta is a great addition which also works well on smart tv box amazon firesticks as well as other devices as it has multiple links options. Placenta totally is one of the Upcoming Kodi Addon that is doing well after many of the famous Kodi Addons went down in the Mid of November. PlacentaKodi Addon allows users to watch their favorite Multimedia on Kodi Player.


5. DS Blamo

Neptune Rising is a Kodi video addon from Blamo Repository. How To Install Neptune Rising Addon Kodi 17-17.6 Overview It has movies and TV shows in a nice layout. We get more choice while streaming, it’s an excellent add-on incorporating Trakt, Alluc, and Debrid. Someone said it at the risk of sounding stupid, how does this add-on differ from Neptune rising? Seems like the settings and menus are nearly identical. But to my concern, they are different backends. Blamo concentrates on NR and DS, I concentrate on Placenta, and we help each other out as needed across them.


How to get all of this top 5 Kodi add-ons? Follow below, they are the same install steps, but just different paths to get the resources.

Let us set up Placenta for an example:

  • Kodi 17.6 Krypton download.
  • HOME Screen > Add-ons > Settings button  > Enable Unknown Sources.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Settings button  > File Manager  > Add Source.
  • Enter http://blamo.teverz.com/ > Enter BLAMO in the bottom box > OK.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Add-Ons > Add-on Browser 
  • Install from zip file > BLAMO > Select repository.blamo.zip.
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • Install from repository > Blamo Repo > Video add-ons > Placenta > Install.
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • Placenta is now installed and ready to use.
  • The Add-on can now be opened from HOME screen > Add-Ons > Placenta.

Enter the below repos in your Android box, then start to download and install add-ons:

Supermacy: http://supermacy.org.uk/zip/repo

Oculus: http://tmbkodi.com/repo/

.Looking: http:// repo.lookingglass.rocks/

.blamo: http://blamo.teverz.com/






Kodi still is the King, is Terrarium tv offline?

For streaming media lover, Kodi, Terrarium tv, Plex and etc all their favorites. While Kodi is undoubtedly the most popular media player software in the world right now, it’s also the most hated by entertainment industry groups. On its own its an extremely decent and legal piece of software but with third-party add-ons, it becomes a piracy powerhouse. These days, there are rumors that Terrarium tv is offline, and some users are frightened and worried, even some of them say when they found that can download the shows and movies easily with terrarium tv, they didn’t look back at Kodi.


In generally, YouTubers making all those videos ruined Terrarium tv. Now there are Terrarium videos all over the place, yet years ago it was a close “community” of users. Now it’s a “universe” of people who have no idea what they are doing and asking the wrong questions to the wrong people, and generally bragging about cutting the cord for illegal media. Take a sight of Kodi, the sources on Kodi were a lot more centralized and difficult to maintain/edit in case of a takedown. With terrarium, there are multiple sources that are being used by hundreds of other types of websites and apps. You can’t take those down easily. But that is not the fault of Terrarium. The media and links are not their control and it is what the studios, Google, Amazon, and Netflix are fighting to stop those who are overseas and pirating the material, then hosting it in Usenet or on Google Drives.


So is the site terrarium tv down?

According to the latest news from terrarium tv. The website and the GitHub repository are temporarily shut down. In the meantime, you can still download from APKMirror- https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/terrarium-tv/ or Rawapk- http://rawapk.com/terrarium-tv-apk-download/. Their Terrarium TV APKs are the real TTV.

How_to add_Terrarium tv_add-ons

So is terrarium done forever?

No, just that Peter is not putting it up in the Play store. It is easier to keep them in the Mirror and keep the source code out on his personal Github for others to use it for any additions or changes as long as they stay within his requests. Peter Chan/NitroXenon has a great program that he has designed. He just has too much on his plate to do this alone and keep up with the changes that have to occur, due to a platform may break the install.

Terrarium tv

Prefer Kodi or Terrarium-tv?

The terrarium is the best place to watch movies but Kodi had sports channels if terrarium had sports streaming it will be fantastic. But Kodi will never die. It’s simply a media center. As far as 3rd party add-ons, for every 1 that quits, 10 more pop up in his place. In a word, Terranium is a search engine so pretty sure it won’t be taken down keep up the good work Kodi will still prosper. The two sides of things determine the rationality of their existence, no matter how people look at them now, in the short term they are irreplaceable Kings of the media.

Fix Apps crashing problem on your Set-top Box

How to solve broken or crashing Add-ons on your Set-top Box? This might be one of the problems that crazy tv lovers. It’s a remarkably bad experience while watching a tv show, suddenly coming frozen screen then it can not go ahead anymore. But did you really know how to fix this abominable thing?

android tv box

All right, now you can go to your setting on the tv box, scrolling down to the Apps, click on it you will see those processing apps that installed, if you want to see app on the SD CARD, you can scroll ON SD CARD,  if you want to check RUNNING, let’s pick up the running column. Set Angry Birds as an example, click on your Angry Birds, the first step you should force it, make sure it doesn’t act this time, and now you can choose to clean cache, this step will not damage the data of the app.

android box

android tv box

What if still froze after did the above step, now you could try to clear data, but it will clear out all of your records. So I suggest you could make a record for some important add-ons on your android devices. In case the same problem occurs. Most of the bad thing is to uninstall the app, but it will release more space for you to reinstall a new one.

android boxes

tv box

Sometimes, Apps will disorder by themselves. But never mind, all the problem all can be solved. The worst, root your android tv box by using a firmware.



How to uninstall Kodi on your Android TV Box?

Kodi may not work well sometimes, what if it fails to display? Kodi may go well once again if you uninstall and download. So how to uninstall Kodi on your Android TV Box?

Android box

Please check out you HDMI or any other cable all work normally at first, now go to the Setting, you will see regular setting inbox, select Other, so once you are here, you will see more setting, now scroll down and select Apps. Once Apps is launch, let’s scroll down to find Kodi, then you could select it and click on, here it is, scroll over and click on Uninstall, now will occur a box, “Do you want to uninstall this app”, scroll over and check Ok. This step would take few seconds to finish it. Once done, it already unloaded now, so you can go back to the main menu, now you go into My Apps, you will not find Kodi anymore.

Android box


If you want to install Kodi on your Android box again, you can go to kodi.com tv website to downloading it and placing in a USB, and using you AppsInstaller and install back. Or if not, you can also go to Google Player Store to finish the install.

Android box

Another more easy way it is, if your box bought from Leelbox, you can just make it via the remote to get support, their company website has offered lots of add-ons there.



The easiest way to add add-ons on Kodi

I install Kodi on my Android TV Box, and I want to add movies add-ons on Kodi. But I didn’t add on it. Many videos watch on youtube but can’t add. Anyone know the easiest way to add add-ons in Kodi?

Attention! Here is the easiest way to add add-ons in Kodi. Please make sure from now on you are using KODI 17.3 and above. Let’s take Plex as an example, it is to vital that before you begin installing Plex Media Server, please make sure that your media collection has been named and organized to some extent that Plex will understand. If not, it will be a notice says that content isn’t recognized, is mis-matched, or not found at all.

Here are the significant things while naming and organizing your media files to suitable for Plex:

  • Movies are assembled together in a “Movies” type folder, TV Shows in a “TV Shows” type folder, etc.
  • Movies are named as follows:  [Movie_Name (Release_Year)]
    e.g., Avatar(2017).mp4


Now power on your tv box which connects with your stick tv.
1. HOME Screen ➜ Add-ons ➜ Settings button ➜ Enable Unknown Sources.
BACK to HOME screen ➜ Settings button ➜ File Manager ➜ Add Source.
2. Enter https://www.plex.tv/downloads  in the top box ➜ Enter plex in the bottom box ➜ OK.
3. BACK to HOME screen ➜ Add-Ons ➜ Add-on Browser
4. Select Install from zip file ➜ plex ➜ plugin.video.plex.zip

Wait for the Add-on enabled notification
6. BACK to HOME screen ➜ Add-ons ➜ Program Add-ons ➜ Dimitrology Builds ➜ Fresh Install if you’ve not done it already (and reboot) ➜ Install ➜ Choose Krypton Build
The build will now download
7. Wait for download ➜ Force Exit➜ Power shutdown  if required.
On reboot – WAIT! It can take 5 mins to fully update.

If you feel tried to read this long article, Here is another easy way to download add-ons on Kodi, check here you will see the Best Android TV Boxes Support, Kodi, KDplayer or TVMC all can be got there. Intelligent remote offer a add-ons download support for you. You guys can carry out in a series of steps just via a “Help” button of the remote.