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Kodi still is the King, is Terrarium tv offline?

How_to add_Terrarium tv_add-ons

For streaming media lover, Kodi, Terrarium tv, Plex and etc all their favorites. While Kodi is undoubtedly the most popular media player software in the world right now, it’s also the most hated by entertainment industry groups. On its own its an extremely decent and legal piece of software but with third-party add-ons, it becomes

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Fix Apps crashing problem on your Set-top Box

set top box

How to solve broken or crashing Add-ons on your Set-top Box? This might be one of the problems that crazy tv lovers. It’s a remarkably bad experience while watching a tv show, suddenly coming frozen screen then it can not go ahead anymore. But did you really know how to fix this abominable thing? All

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