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Get Live TV on your Android TV Box

How to get Free Live TV? Can I pick up an website that contains all apks? Addons always changing, if there is one smart tv box with the largest selection of streaming apps of any streaming media player, it will cheer the people greatly.

To get the Free Live TV, the first thing you need to do is turning on your android tv box, open up the browser on your device, typing https://www.toptutorials.co.uk into the search box of the browser, scrolling down to the Live TV Streaming Apps, the top app you see is Exodus Live.

Android tv box

Android tv box

Android tv box

So here you click on the app then it starts downloading, srcoll down loading, you can see Exodus is loading now. This step just take a few seconds to complete. After check it completed,  go back to home and click on My Filebrowser.

Android tv boxAndroid tv box

Android tv box

Go to the download File, scrolling down you can will find exodus_live.apk, click on and simply install it, now you are adding to your android device.

Android tv box

Android tv box

Exodus Live app has already installed, you can see it on the homepage, when you open it up, it showing you a page asks you pay with Paypal per month subscribe. You can check out Subscribe now, or if you don’t want to pay it, click on CONTINUE FREE WITH ADS, it will lead you to a page that show you a lot of Live TV menu.

Free live tv

Free live tv

Click one tv show, adding on your Favorite. For search more, pick out the Filter Channels, scrolling down to get your favorite Live tv. Let’s pick up ABC as an example, click it on, go to Play, it switchs to a page like below, click close, then it can play normal no buffering. Same operation on the other Live TVs.

Free live tv

Smart tv box

Smart tv box

If you are going to purchase a great set-top box to enjoy more ways to stream, how to pick up a right one, here is a tutorials show to how to judge a good device.


Fix Apps crashing problem on your Set-top Box

How to solve broken or crashing Add-ons on your Set-top Box? This might be one of the problems that crazy tv lovers. It’s a remarkably bad experience while watching a tv show, suddenly coming frozen screen then it can not go ahead anymore. But did you really know how to fix this abominable thing?

android tv box

All right, now you can go to your setting on the tv box, scrolling down to the Apps, click on it you will see those processing apps that installed, if you want to see app on the SD CARD, you can scroll ON SD CARD,  if you want to check RUNNING, let’s pick up the running column. Set Angry Birds as an example, click on your Angry Birds, the first step you should force it, make sure it doesn’t act this time, and now you can choose to clean cache, this step will not damage the data of the app.

android box

android tv box

What if still froze after did the above step, now you could try to clear data, but it will clear out all of your records. So I suggest you could make a record for some important add-ons on your android devices. In case the same problem occurs. Most of the bad thing is to uninstall the app, but it will release more space for you to reinstall a new one.

android boxes

tv box

Sometimes, Apps will disorder by themselves. But never mind, all the problem all can be solved. The worst, root your android tv box by using a firmware.



Android devices with both 5 GHz Wi-Fi and 2.4 GHz

Does your home router support Dual Band Wi-Fi? For example, your home router can run TP-LNK-47FF or TP-LINK-5G-47FF. As we known that it should be stand with dual Wifi of your Android TV Box so that can work with your router.


Generally speaking, 5GHz Wi-Fi can carry more data than 2.4 GHz network assuming the electric power to the higher rate of recurrence radios is maintained at a higher level. Especially if you are a gamer lover, you may never refuse fast speed of network connection. In other word, we will more enjoy streaming show via 5GHz Wi-Fi. However,signals of 5 GHz frequencies may not penetrate solid objects as 2.4 GHz signals do, limiting their reach indoor.

Nowadays,most of Android TV Box already supported dual band wireless networking.For example,last Monday the stick tv box I bought supports 1000Mbps and Dual-WIFI 2.4GHz/5.0GHz, no buffering also playing stable and running at a fast network speed,satisfied me a lot. Android Boxes which including dual band wireless,when working, 5GHz wifi will be connected preferentially.


Examples of Dual Band Wi-Fi Devices

Not only do some routers provide dual band wireless,but also the Smart TV Box.One professional android tv box provider—-Leelbox, based on survey, they sale several kinds of android boxes, most of them with high configuration. For example, Leelbox M9S Pro, Q3, Kingbox K3 android tv box,all Android 6.0 system, 2GB RAM+16GB ROM, S912 Octa-Core CPU, LAN 1000M, Dual-WIFI 2.4Ghz/5.0Ghz TV Box. Kodi was pre-installed in Kingbox K3. They run with 2.4GHz, transfer quickly into 5.0GHz under dual band wireless condition.


According to the above picture,you may know which model plays more stable and with a high network speed.If you are just a novice,I suggest you can take MXQ Pro mini or S1 for a try.It is affordable and easily to control.Also suitable for your children to watch carton if they are not game player.But if you are a android device fans.You may more sure which box is meet your need.

Here are some comments from customers

Buddy A:Since getting everything up and running the device has performed significantly better. Download speeds in and out of the play store are moving as fast as they should and media loads very fast. I can now say I feel the 2GB of Ram. Not only is the product okay but immediately after making my initial review the company reached out to me to see if there was anything they could do to make my experience with their product better. I fully appreciated this and compliment them on standing behind their product and making sure the customer experience is the best it can be. I would recommend both this box and the company that makes it.

Second:Yet another android tv box by Leelbox that I’ve had a good experience with. This company seems to be the most consistent of the TV box makers in the lower price range. This one was a little more expensive than some of their other boxes as it has the newer chip (the S912), 2 GB of RAM and the dual channel wi-fi. As you might expect from those things, it’s very snappy booting up and moving around the interface. Kodi boots up in about 8 seconds or so, which is pretty fast for these boxes. 95% of what I do in these boxes involves Kodi, so I just automatically uninstall whatever version is on the box, go to the Google PlayStore and re-install the latest version (17.1 at the moment). That seems to work better for me.I watched some 4K content yesterday and it streamed perfectly, though that always depends on the source’s and your own internet speeds. There’s nothing fancy about this box – no colored LED’s – but it does it’s job very well – an excellent box.

You deserve to own one!