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Wow! Leelbox Android 7.1 M9S Pro released (2018 March)

The end of last year, people were saying Leelbox Android 7.1 streaming device has gone and never produce again! This explosive news broke the rumor directly, like the spring of 2018, the Leelbox contributed the upgraded M9S Pro to Android tv box enthusiasts once again. Now I am gonna be bring you guys Android 7.1 M9S Pro.

It’s crazing, how good this smart box? Leelbox M9S Pro is S912 Octa-core cortex-A53, processor 64 bits. I believe it runs off of marshmallow Android 7.1.2. It is got you know it says it’s got the 4K HDMI don’t be digital. Here is M9S pro comes with upgraded 2GB/ 16G high-speed flash memory which makes it possess the double storage performance. 2GB of DDR3 Ram and 16GB Storage allows you more space to download your favorite APPs and caches to browse websites, play games, run apps. And with an upgraded remote, so this is the cool thing about this company.

android 7.1 tv box 2018      img_20180302_160358b.jpg

We won’t spoil its original appearance which already a perfect thing originally. So M9S Pro keeps its original appearance, maintained M9S Pro traditional, delicate and meticulous. Placing in the living room bedroom, do not take up space, more USB ports, optional strong support for connecting mobile phones.

best 2018 android box

Android 7.1 is compatible with more plug-ins. After installing Kodi 17.6, if you have the corresponding add-ons repository, you can add it to your Kodi. After download and install, you can stream with that software easily. The upgraded M9S Pro is less limited.

feature-content add-ons 2018

best android 7.1 android tv box add-ons 2018

Especially 1000m Lan makes m9s pro can run 5 more speed than other 100m Lan, I think to consider its price, nothing streaming device could better than it today!


Using this Tool to get your LAN MAC back!

Some people would lose the LAN MAC of their tv box when they use the firmware to reboot the system, how to get it back? Today take my Leelbox tv box as an example, will show you guy how to fix this problem. But notice that if your tv box version is below Android 6.0, it may not work for it. I don’t suggest do an upgrade in your old model such as Android 4.4 or 5.1, it may damage the machine hardware, even broken.

This amazing tool can help you get the LAN MAC back,  now click on this zip file on the below links:



Download to your computer and unzip the folder, go ahead to click on the application WNpctool_Setup_V1.1.8_1201_OEM.exe and install it with your language.


After finished this step, now go ahead to open it, move your mouse to the Setting on the top left corner, select “mode” in the drop-down box, click on it.

setting code

Now you will see there are five columns in the mode, make sure remove “√” in the choice of other four columns, leaving only the “√” of “LAN MAN”. Here the only thing you do is choose “manual control”, second go ahead click “apply”, then press OK. (As the picture shows)


Take out a small stick, insert it to Recover button, and press it not loose until it occurs “Find a LOADER device”, if you find the button above “Write in” is green, then it works, now you are allowed to type your LAN MAC address. If red, it fail.


Reset button

Type the MAC number, which is on the back of your tv box. Then click “Put in” (As the picture shows)


Now it works!







New MXQ PRO VS Old Version

People always want to see a better product than their old version, this is an excellent Android box it performs very well. I have been using it everyday since I bought it and it works without an issue.

Leelbox MXQ Pro is an operating system Android 6.0 Marshmellow TV Box, with 2.0 GHz Amlogic S905X Quad-Core Cortex A53 processor. What different is MXQ PRO  upgraded to a 2G RAM+ 16G ROM model, and 32G max extended capacity has no limited your entertainment. They run with CPU Penta-Core Mali-450, 2.4GHz WIFI and Ethernet line connection can quickly connect to the internet via 2.4GHz WIFI connection or ethernet line connection at 10/100 speed. Such a stable processor tends to look more professional.

I have used other streaming devices but this one blows them all out of the water. The interface and setup are very easy to use and I downloaded everything from my Google Play account in minutes I was using it. I even linked my Netflix account to this device, just another reason you need this smart box. They refreshed the design and Further optimize the shape and size.

The Old version:

mxq pro

2018 New model:

a box mxq pro

This Kodi box is mid-grade, the price is right and the box itself does everything an expensive one does. It’s very easy to use. As soon as you plug it in it prompts you through a setup menu, language, WiFi set up.

Once, the box fully configures, it’ll bring you to the main interface, and it has your basic apps installed, for example, internet explorer, Google Play store, Facebook, etc.With Kodi such an open source software media center, you are allowed to access all kinds of content, including movies, games, and music.


If you still hesitate which model to purchase, bestseller Leelbox Mxq Pro can be a good choice. As well know, it is the top seller on amazon.ca, most of our customers regard it as the first choice on their electronics shopping list.Not just as a great gift for its affordable price, but also give you a wonderful family time by its high quality.

Beware! Free charging stations can hack your phone, how to protect?

Hacker may get access to our computer, so we do a lot to keep them away. But did you ever consider about your phone? When you are shopping outside,  at airport or other public places, unfortunately the Phone battery is low, it is usually easy to connect to the public charging station. However, in an emergency you need your phone, even though you always know that using these facilities is at risk, and your phone may be accessed by phone hackers.


How it is done? Perhaps you already know that the phone USB charging cable can send data, under the situation the charging station is threatened, through the phone charging cable your phone data  can be easily reached to. Hackers build a connection with the charging station and within few minutes they can installed malware directly to your phone. In addition, many modern smart phones can send HDMI signals directly through the USB port for image mirroring, that is, your phone will be manipulated, your information on the phone will be monitored, your confidential information will be leaked.

The most secure way to charge your phone when outside is use your own USB cable and your own USB power adapter, and plug them directly into the wall power outlet. Kaspersky Lab recommends that you do not unlock and use your phone while charging, use the correct encryption as much as possible, and may consider using a safe container. If you have to use public chargers, the following methods can eliminate the risk of being hacked.

  1. Do not use any password or fingerprint identification during charging
  2. Make sure your phone has been updated to the latest operating system and updated all applications so your phone will get the most complete protection.
  3. Not to browse confidential or sensitive information, such as mobile banking or other payment software
  4. If have to have a call while charging, try to set up a restricted to encrypted services like Whats App, Skype etc.

Common Q&A about keyboard,popular Android player

How to do a code matching on your keyboard?

Most of people know electronic products, some game enthusiasts love Android devices with high running memory.Here are something we should know when using android player like Wireless keyboard.

So how to use your keyboard correctly?

For this issue, you need to make sure plug the Keyboard USB receiver into your device, and then turn on the keyboard.

Second, pull out USB receiver, then press FN and F1 two keys at the same time for 2-3 seconds, then loose. At this time the light on the Wi-Fi keyboard will twinkle, and then plug the USB receiver. When the light is off, it works.

Question about Keyboard language settings?

Please follow the steps described in the pictures.Take out the USB plug,insert into your Smart TV Box.

Enter into Keyboard layouts


Choose your Language


Now it done




HDMI to VGA Adapter Converter for Laptop, PC, Tablet, Digital Camera


My friend is a teacher,she told me that she wanted to start using an Apple TV in her classroom to go wirelessly when she is using her projector. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize her projector didn’t have hdmi.I recommended she bought this HDMI to VGA Adapter Converter.Totally by her comment,easy to hook up to get going! It works just like it’s supposed to without a headache!


This small stuff only 5.5 x 3.6 x 2 inches,even its weight just 9.6 ounces,but it contains a powerful function.One DC IN,one USB DATA port,Audio in for you to contact your device and the Leebox VGA adapter,so that you output the video sound.



Specially designed for TV Sticks, This active HDMI to VGA adapter could connect HDMI compatible device to vga compatible monitor, projector, TV. Please use HDMI 1.4 version cable within 26ft to ensure high performance of this TV stick adapter.


Lightning to VGA with Audio in and out, lightning to HDMI, USB to VGA HDMI Audio, cast any pictures, videos, games and audio from your smartphone tablet and laptop to HDTV, monitor or projector with a big screen.That’s no doubt that some people said it works like a charm. 

How to play this Audio VGA adapter?

Here I just show you the most easy way to master this mini stuff.Connet your mobile phone with your Android TV.If your VGA adapter have power exhausted,charge it,then plug in the HDMI cable which have connect your stick TV.Remember use the USB cable connect this VGA adapter and your device.In order to output the video media,Audio in is for you to plug in the multimedia cable,another plug is to insert your mobile phone.See  the following picture.



It will appear this screen.


When you plug in the USB cable,will occur this directive,check the right one to make sure you want to contact it with your mobile phone.7

Now here:


Yes you see the screen on your tv,playing music,movies,TV shows and ect.Not just a small projectors,but can make a home theater.Not only use in class room if you are a teacher,can be send as a teacher gift if you are a student.Actually this is just one of the funtion of VGA adapter,further discussion can not describe its advantages.Check it to hooked your Xbox to your monitor!


Features of this VGA adapter:

Download EZcast, it is available for all android 5.0 Smartphone

Compatible with IOS 8 and Android 5.0

1080P HD playback, color realistic

Carrying conveniently

iPhone/Android phone converter to HD/VGA to connect to TV, Monitor,Projector,Speaker,etc…

Charging while watching

Supports IOS 8 & above, Android 5 & above using Lightning, Micro USB and USB cables

Firmware is upgradable to support OS updates


OS and OS-version / release: Linux

CPU-version / Processor: AM8252w

CPU speed (MHz): 600MHZ

RAM (MB):DDR3 128MByte

internal Flash (MB): SLC 128MByte

max. resolution: AM8252W(1920*1080_60P)


RF / Antenne: External/on board

Video-formats: avi, .divx, .mkv, .ts, .dat, .vob, .mpg, .mpeg, .mov, .mp4, .rm, .rmvb, .wmv

Picture-formats: JPEG, BMP

Audio-formats: MP1/MP2,/MP3, WMA, OGG, ADPCM-WAV, PCM-WAV, AAC

Voice Record: .mp3, .wav

File-formats: dobe PDF, MS Word, Ms Excel, Ms Powerpoint, I works

Bluetooth: N/A

Package including:

1 x S8pro converter

1 x Micro USB cable

1 x Audio cable

1 x User Guide