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How to Get Terrarium TV APK latest version 1.9.2

Terrarium TV APK latest version 1.9.2 was released these days, do you think your device still working well? Have you lost your Google links when you installed 1.9.2 terrarium tv?

On January 2018, terrarium tv came out the 1.9.1 version but it seemed that people reported after updating that version, their device keeping crashing,  someone said that upgraded to 1.9.1 and his video stops streaming 2 or 3 times per episode. He often sees a message flash at the bottom of the screen “failed to check in”. So he switched to the new Yes player, and ads displayed has gone up. Also, there is other reflect that while trying to see” the mentalist” on terrarium but every time he tries watching the 1st episode, it plays “house m.d.” and some other stuff could not know, he even doubts that he cannot watch anything he wants. 


So here are some notices that you guys should get to know when you try to update to the new version.

1. Terrarium tv has installed and it won’t auto update. You have an unofficial modded app. You’d need to uninstall it and then download and install the new version. Don’t forget to use the backup options in settings and use the restore once you have it installed.

2. Get ads during movies on the movies. It’s most likely because you’re using MX Player. TTV isn’t designed to display ads while streaming unless your internet drops enough to lose the stream and TTV think you are finished watching.

3. Where is the download link? ApkMirror & Raw APK can’t upload the new version. Open your TTV, go into settings to the bottom and clear the cache. Close it and open again, see if that brings it back up.

Download the official Terrarium TV Apk: https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/terrarium-tv/ Don’t worry if Google chrome browsers show any warning messages before downloading. The Terrarium APK file is safe to Install on any Android supported devices. Here are two requirements that you should get Terrarium TV APK latest version supports only Android 4.0+ devices. And your device should have MX Player App to stream the videos.


If you already updated to Terrarium TV 1.9.2 but still crashing, please try to use a VPN. Welcome to comment below and let us know what problems you meet and how you fix them.

What is the better fast server?

I was told that Google links were back on there, but don’t expect to see them as often as you used to before. Some movies don’t have it and if you watch shows some seasons of that show won’t have it. But for the most part, it’s there. Some of these things will run a year or so before it dies, meanwhile, Google has stepped up there removing links game.

So what can be a better choice to play the sources? Someone suggested that LCDN Fast and CDN Fast are other sources you can try that work almost just as fast as Google links. I watched a few TV shows earlier today using the Openload link. It takes a little longer for the show to initially start, but once they did, they played fine. I have found that the internet speed and reliability will make a big difference in how well anything but Google links will play. Actually, I don’t find many 1080p links is that due to location or speed.

I saw some player servers posted by Terrarium TV, but not really get familiar with them. Which one do you think is better?
A list of fast servers (in no particular order):