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Why your WiFi switch from 2.4ghz to 5ghz?

Recently, lots of people consult that why their Smart tv box cannot connect 5.0 GHz wifi, there is several saying as below: 1. The Android tv box does not support Dual-band wifi, that means that you tv box is not 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz wifi available. 2. Because those are two different bands, not just a pretty label. They give an answer, saying if you have a router that provides both bands, then just choose the 5ghz network. But if your router only has the one, there’s no reasonable way to upgrade it. Just a word of precaution, the unreasonable way costs far more than just buying a new router that does both bands. 3. If your android tv box with dual-band wifi and the router that provides both bands, but still can not convert 5ghz, then the possible problem is drop material or desoldering with the box, the machine should be repaired factory.

android tv box with dual-band wifi

But there is another question like this, some people confused that why their WiFi switch from 2.4ghz to 5ghz?

There’s a number of reasons why your wifi router might be switching you from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz. The nature of radio really leaves you at the mercy of the environment. If you have a large home with thick walls, lots of furniture, glass windows, distance from the router, etc.. all of these things can influence how your connection will be to your wireless router.

Most home wireless routers will automatically switch between 2.4GHz and 5Ghz and back again when it senses a weak connection and does this to try to improve the user experience.

android tv box with dual-band wifi

Many home wireless routers have a way to disable this switching and allow you to assign an SSID to just 2.4Ghz and another SSID to the 5Ghz band. This can be fairly advanced so if this seems a bit too much for your comfort zone then leave the settings alone.

Another option is to experiment with the channel that your router is set to broadcast. Most routers, when you first turn them on, will scan the area looking for other wireless routers and what channels your neighbors are on. There are 11 channels reserved for 2.4Ghz in the US and 14 channels in Europe.

Many people opt to use the 5Ghz bands as it has less interference from neighboring routers, wireless telephones, etc. There are also more channels to choose from, and those channels can typically carry more traffic which means a fasters more stable connection.
android tv box with dual-band wifi

One way to fix this problematic switching is to go to the manufacturer’s website and see if there are any updates to the firmware for your router. Sometimes a simple update is all that’s needed to fix your problem. NOTE: Most routers allow you to search for updates right from their configuration page. If it shows no updates are available to go out to the manufacturer’s website anyway and look for yourself.

One last thing to remember, it might not be your wifi router, it could be your client (meaning the laptop, or other connecting devices) trying to access the router. If this is an older device you might need to update its wireless driver or software.

If after all of this and its still bugging you-you might want to research getting yourself a new wireless router. There are some amazing new wireless routers that support new 4K T.V.’s, streaming media like Netflix, as well as console games. Check out reviews of new routers and see if this is a solution for you.



Doge, the Best Kodi 17.6 movie Add-ons for 2018 Leelbox!

If you’re looking for the Best Kodi Add-ons for your Leelbox Smart tv box, I will show you today how to get a great Kodi add-on for you tv box, go ahead and install to your android box and smart your tv now!

The Best Kodi 17.6 Addons

Want to watch top movies and search on Youtube, you find it should subscribe, or should pay $2.99 for each one. Kodi 17.6 already came out for a long time and you still using Netflix, Exodus, Hulu, do you know what other using to stream movies now? The Doge, which become a popular Kodi movie add-on recently. Lots of movies are available to stream by it, such as The Greatest Showman, The Shawshank Redemption, Frozen Collection, etc. Now follow the steps below:

Open your Kodi, click on the Setting icon.

The Best Kodi 17.6 Addons

Go forward to the File Manager, click on it and open up.


Double click Add sources, then click on None.

The Best Kodi 17.6 Addons

The Best Kodi 17.6 Addons

Enter a media source in the box, here just type in http://p.xxe.press/repo, then Ok.

The Best Kodi 17.6 Addons

Give a name to the source such as repo1 or anything you like, just help you find it easily, then select Ok.

The Best Kodi 17.6 Addons

Back to the Kodi home screen, scroll down to the Add-ons, click on it.

The Best Kodi 17.6 Addons

Move your mouse to the upper left corner, click on it, it will lead to you the Add-ons Browser.

The Best Kodi 17.6 Addons

Now select Install from zip file,  open it up, scroll to the repo1, then click on it.

Upper left corner


Go ahead to the repository.doge-0.0.1.zip, then Ok. After a while, it will pop up shows you the Doge is installed.


Back up to open up Install from repository, go ahead to Video add-ons, then click Doge.

The Best Kodi 17.6 Addons

The Best Kodi 17.6 AddonsThe Best Kodi 17.6 Addons

Now start to install Doge, wait a few seconds, when you see there pop up Doge is installed, then go forward to installing f4mTester.

The Best Kodi 17.6 Addons

The Best Kodi 17.6 Addons

Choose the newest version to download.

The Best Kodi 17.6 Addons

All things finished, now back to Kodi Home screen and start to stream!

The Best Kodi 17.6 Addons












What is Leelbox?

LeeIbox is a new yet powerful brand in smart Android TV box industry. In 2015, the brand is established, however, only two years time they have occupied top 3 in TV BOX field. The core products are Android TV BOX, Smart Wifi Plug, Car Tools and some useful gadgets for phone and computer. All the products on our website have 45 days money back guarantee and 12-month warranty. Leelbox has our own technical team, research, and development team to support our operations.

About product and service:

Most streaming media player fancy Leelbox smart TV box, they consult more than once, asking for how much and if there have any coupon. As most of our customers know, they enjoy the excellent service provided by Leelbox, and all the after-sales problems can be solved satisfied.

By the way, here I want to answer some common question asking by our customers

1 – Is it possible to customize the big icons on the top half of the Home Page?

A: I try to get it available on android boxes, but it seems that they can not customize the big icons on the top half of the Home Page. One thing can be sure it is that you can put some of your favorite Apps on the home screen. Click on the “+” button on the home page, then you will see the apps below,  select your favorite apps, then click on other position, it will occur on the home screen.

android apps
2 – Is that a way (like that button that smartphones have) to visualize the apps that have been opened and that are running?

A: Now go setting— Others— More settings, Srcoll down to Apps, then you will see. Or you can download CetusPlay on your phone via connecting to the tv box, then you can easily to remote control

3 – I can’t visualize anymore the navigation bar always visible on the bottom, since I accidentally dishabled it. How do I make it visible again?

A: Sometimes you move your mouse to the icon like the following pictures show, when you press it, then the menu bar on the bottom is unvisible, now you just need to move your mouse to the bottom, press the screen and pull it up, the menu bar will come out again.

android apps

android apps

If you have any problems about Leelbox or Android tv box, comment below.



Leelbox Android 7.1 TV Box has released?

Leelbox would release new Android 7.1 TV Box in no soon. As well know that Leelbox is professional android tv box provider, but the models still remain at Android 6.1, in order to make sure every smart tv box system compatible, engineers develop day and night, it is learned that Android 7.1 will be on the line in the near future.

best Android tv box Leelbox Q3

There are many Android 7.1 set-top boxes currently, it said that they increase in the system compare to Leelbox, but according to a large number of customer response, there are many problems while operating, some plug-ins are not compatible with the system, even shorten some set-top boxes’ life expectancy. Only technically mature, Leelbox will release their new version smart box.

best Android 7.1 tv box m8s max

The following are the tutorial to fix your set-top box and some related firmware for Leelbox Android tv boxes.

Fix Android TV Box

Do you have a broken Android TV box? With Leelbox’s help, you can fix the most common problems. Before you update your box with the software below try our most common fixes for Android TV boxes.

Android Box fix First Method-

  • Go to Main Settings on your Android box
  • Select Other and then go to More Settings
  • Go to Backup And Reset
  • Click Factory Data Reset
  • Click Reset Device, then Erase Everything
  • The Android box will now restart and the TV box will be fixed.

Android box fix Second Method-

All Android boxes have a reset button or pinhole to reset and fix an Android box. you need to locate the reset pin/hole. This is a little pinhole that would be located either on one of the sides or under the bottom of the device. If you cannot find any pinhole or reset button, try looking in the AV port. Some Android boxes have a hidden reset pin hole located at the bottom of the AV port.

  • Locate the reset pin on the Android box
  • Hold the reset button in and power up the device (holding the pin all the time)
  • The Android box will now start in recovery mode
  • Click Wipe Data / Factory Reset (and confirm)
  • Click Reboot System Now
  • The Android box will now be fixed

Android box update

If you need to update an Android box then follow then follows the simple steps below.

  • Locate the software update for your device from one of the below pages
  • Download the firmware update
  • Use the guide or tool on the download page
  • Once complete the Android box update will be completed.

Android Firmware downloads

If you have tried our fixes above and your Android box is still broken, download our custom software update for it. Follow the instructions on the page for the Tv box you have. Android Boxes have different upgrade instructions for different devices. if you are still unable to fix your Android box we have an Android TV box repair service available. We will allow you to send the device to us and we will attempt the upgrade for you.

Firmware for TV Box:

Kingbox K1:


Leelbox S1 (Update 2017/9/8)


Leelbox M9S Pro (S912 Android6.0)


Leelbox MXQ Pro ( Not pure version)


Leelbox M9S 4.4


Leelbox M9S S905 5.1


Leelbox M9S  S812  5.1.1 2+16


Leelbox Mxq pro mini 6.0


See these article:  How to upgrade Leelbox to Android 7.1 via PC.





Discount Android tv box for Thanksgiving Day

I won’t let you know Leelbox Android tv box is flashing deal now, to show your love to your family and friends. Hot deal Android tv boxes comprehensive promotion, if you missed the previous discount, now press Ctrl+D to add Leelbox shop to your favorites.

thanksgiving day promo

Attention 1:

The Best and stable Set-top box by Leelbox, Leelbox provides plenty of how-to guides for using Kodi and its seemingly endless add-ons. If you guys search a tv box for install adult add-ons, watch 3D and 4K HD movies, you wanna get everything, including pre-install Kodi. You don’t care to pay a bit more money, Kingbox K3 could be the first choice.

This tv box brother allows decoding of multiple video formats, for example, MKV, WMV / VC-1 SP / MP / AP, MPG, MPEG, DAT, AVI, MOV, iso, mp4, rm, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, H.265, AVS, VC-1, VP9, MVC, RealVideo 8/9/10, VP8/9, up to 2160P. So no worry to use the seed resources.

best deal box

Focus 2:

3D Magic Cube Flash Sale US$9.99 Free shipping

Smart Magic Cube could be the best fidget toy for kids and all the crow, such a leisure toy only cost $9.99, I can stand to let you know that was more expensive $10 than now. With its multiple hidden layers and foldable sides, the amazing magic cube has a surprise waiting for you to fidget at school, work, home, or anywhere you need more focus and attention, anxiety or stress relief.

I already added 10 pics to my cart, actually I have to prepare a little gift for my 10 nephews, a bit crazy.

best gift magic cube

Surprise 3:

Your favorite Leelbox set-top box discount all online!

Do not be distracted by the monthly subscribe program for at IPTV, you have more options at Leelbox, Kodi gives you the latest media resources, all popular music, TV shows, plenty of adult programming for terrarium on Android box. So you far away from the colorful stream center just a Smart TV box, if you miss this flash deal, Leelbox cannot promise you that will be a lower price than this Thanksgiving Day! Buy one for your dear, save money for one week’s breakfast.

best deal leelbox

Pick up a gift for Thanksgiving Day,  If you want to make money via Leelbox, join Affiliate Program. Looking forward to more deal news, subscribe Leelbox blog. Welcome to comment below if you have some suggestions to Leelbox.




How to use Leelbox Smart TV Box

How to set up before using your Smart TV Box? Now, this is a guidance manual for the new who to use Leelbox tv box first time.

1.Press “Help” Key of remote control or open browser for help while using. Then it will go to open browser and go to support page, there are lots of useful apps for android tv box.

smart tv box

tv boxes

2. We need to install “Kodi”, now click on the all icon and download it.


3. When clicking on “download” icon, it will pop-up a box that asks you to download it, just click the “Download” option, then it begins to download.

4. When Kodi has downloaded, you can choose the file and press “Ok” key of the remote. Then it will ask you to install it, click on “Install” option and start to install.

Now you have installed Kodi center, you can go ahead to download the add-ons you like.

If you guys want to know how to set up your new Kodi build, you can check this article Best Kodi Builds 2017. Sometime your Kodi may keep flashing, even you unplugged the TV cable and restart the tv box still fall to work, you need to update your Kodi, just uninstall it and reinstall. Learn more about Leelbox Smart TV BOX, go here.


Get Live TV on your Android TV Box

How to get Free Live TV? Can I pick up an website that contains all apks? Addons always changing, if there is one smart tv box with the largest selection of streaming apps of any streaming media player, it will cheer the people greatly.

To get the Free Live TV, the first thing you need to do is turning on your android tv box, open up the browser on your device, typing https://www.toptutorials.co.uk into the search box of the browser, scrolling down to the Live TV Streaming Apps, the top app you see is Exodus Live.

Android tv box

Android tv box

Android tv box

So here you click on the app then it starts downloading, srcoll down loading, you can see Exodus is loading now. This step just take a few seconds to complete. After check it completed,  go back to home and click on My Filebrowser.

Android tv boxAndroid tv box

Android tv box

Go to the download File, scrolling down you can will find exodus_live.apk, click on and simply install it, now you are adding to your android device.

Android tv box

Android tv box

Exodus Live app has already installed, you can see it on the homepage, when you open it up, it showing you a page asks you pay with Paypal per month subscribe. You can check out Subscribe now, or if you don’t want to pay it, click on CONTINUE FREE WITH ADS, it will lead you to a page that show you a lot of Live TV menu.

Free live tv

Free live tv

Click one tv show, adding on your Favorite. For search more, pick out the Filter Channels, scrolling down to get your favorite Live tv. Let’s pick up ABC as an example, click it on, go to Play, it switchs to a page like below, click close, then it can play normal no buffering. Same operation on the other Live TVs.

Free live tv

Smart tv box

Smart tv box

If you are going to purchase a great set-top box to enjoy more ways to stream, how to pick up a right one, here is a tutorials show to how to judge a good device.


How to get Local TV Channels On Kodi for Free

How to get Local TV Channels On Kodi? This is a big concern while people purchasing Android TV Box. For example, some guys want to know if these Arabic Channels, bein sports and OSN Channels can be available. Refuse puzzled, one method let you get local TV channels easily.


First step: Check your Kodi System, click the setting button——system settings——Add-ons——Unknown sources.

Here will come out a box show Warning, check Yes. Now go back to the Kodi interface, mouse the mouse to File manager——Add source, after check it will ask you to enter the paths or browse for the media locations.

Put the website into the box: http://mediarepos.net/kodistuff/


Check Ok, don’t forget to set a name for this media source. Eg ” . kodistuff “. Now click Ok, go ahead.

Come back again, check the Add-ons in the draw box, click on the Install from the zip file, here you will see the top file. kodistuff, go on and now click on the RepoColossus.zip, Colossal Repository add-on turn up on the top right corner. Come to the Install from Repository——Colossal Repository——Video add-ons. So Benna will be here now my friends, click on it and select Install at bottom right, this step will take a few moment to finish the add-ons installed. After installed, go back you will see the Benna have been there, it means that we can get different things within there.

Benna Live is the local channels carrier, click Official Live TV Streams Only, now the local channel for News, Sport etc, also with different countries. Check on one of this menu, plenty of local channels will meet your need, so let’s enjoy Kodi streaming media on your Smart TV Box now!

17Learn more Kodi news, check here.




How to fix Exodus Kodi Add-on not work on Smart TV Box

There may not work if you guess it must be video sources in the Exodus Kodi Add-on on your smart tv box. Since Exodus simply scan the streaming websites loaded into them for an available link, when you are searching an aged TV show or movie, you will get the “No stream available” error if none of these websites have working links to load. Talk shows, old movies, or TV shows that Radio and Television less-popular channels or countries are less favor having working links. So no blaming Kodi add-ons anymore because they are not the ones hosting anything for you.

Try to view situations if Exodus is not working:
1. Kodi is outdated. Exodus is only designed to work with Kodi (15) or later. If you are still using under Kodi 15 on you android tv box, you will not receive any support for Exodus issues.
2. Exodus is outdated. The current version is v2.0.14. Let’s upgrade the newest version.

Uninstalled the old now buddy!

Here show you how to reinstall the latest Exodus:

P70906-170931.jpg                   P70906-171105.jpg

  • Steps to download Exodus for Kodi

1. Open the Kodi software after you downloaded it, or check directly if it was already preloaded. Move the mouse to the main menu of System, choose the option File Manager.
2. Come out a list of options. Select the option among them to Add source.
3. You will get a dialogue box. Inside the box, highlight the <None> option. The text will disappear, and there will be blinking cursor for Exodus Kodi
4. Inside the dialog boxes enter the web address http://fusion.tvaddons.ag as it is and click on Done.
5. Just click on the box given below inside the same box. In “Enter the name for this media source”, type the name fusion or any corresponding name and click on OK.
6. Switch back to Home Screen of the Kodi Software.
7. Click on System, you will get a list of choices. Select the option among them to Add source.
8.Maybe 5-6 options will occur once time, from them, choose the option ‘Install from zip file’.
9. Select the option name fusion or any other name that you previously gave as the name of the media source. Then select the option ‘xbmc-repos’ folder. Then select ‘english’ folder.
10.The next set of options are some zip files, among them select the zip file with name ‘repository.exodus-2.0.0.zip’. There will be a few mins to wait for the notification ‘Add-on enabled’.
11.When you get the notification, you are all ready to install Exodus on Kodi.
12. Select the option ‘Install from repository’. From the options displayed, select the Exodus repository.
13. Select the ‘Video add-ons’ option inside that.
14. Click on the ‘Exodus’ option. Then choose the option ‘Install’. Again wait for the ‘Add-on enabled’ notification. Now you have your Exodus Addon running on your Kodi software! Take it to your leisure.

Or you have checked out that the movie, tv show or other streams you found it is a common one, however people could get it easily, but you are not allowed. Try to reinstall Kodi from fresh with no add-ons. One should be noticed as there are many different Kodi boxes, KDplayer builds and etc nowadays, the Exodus stream problem may not be solved by replacing fresh Kodi with no add-ons.

Is this set-top box the same as Roku?

Every barber knows that Roku stream player gets streaming via a electrical wire or wireless connection to an Internet router. Audio cable,video cable, or HDMI cable all support this set top box to output data. With suitable input connections, the Roku can be connected to any kinds of video displayer. But, buddy, a bit costly I guess so. Please out of your dilemma, this Android TV Box the same as Roku yet can save you lot of money!


Yup, the technology changes our life so quickly. Not only a tv box, also a music center, a game station, even a wifi router! Kingbox K3 smart tv box comes with a mini keypad as well, it will make you feel like a BlackBerry, you guys surely know that means you can do quite a lot on it. Additionally Kodi allows you to install third-party plugins that may provide access to content that is freely available on the official content provider website. The visual elements of the device are directly pulled from the svg, so the color was not changed.


If you guys worry the mini keyboard can be used wirelessly or not. No problem, matey,  it is wireless also comes with micro usb cable for charging. I have own three pics of wireless keyboards, they can work well for me at 15-20 feet.


In a word, excellent quality and reasonable price can be the best reason to get hooked up with this android tv box. Let alone it allows me to get it with a coupon!