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Are these Problems with Terrarium tv?

Have you ever meet such kind of problem? While loading an episode or movie it says you need to verify if you are a human by completing captchas. So you usually have to do about three to five. It isn’t a huge problem but it is a bit of an inconvenience. Even you’ve downloaded privacy pass and scanned for malware but nothing has changed. How to away from this annoy?

Actually, they just want to make sure you’re not a robot. They enabled Cloudflare highest DDoS protection.

Are these Problems with Terrarium tv?

Suggestions: 1. Ignore and the app will still search for source links. The verify button is only displayed on the screen for a very short time and then it goes away. You can always refresh the search at the top of the app. Then search again and be ready to quickly tap on the verify button. Tap the verify button. Then a screen comes with a box to tick that you are not a robot. Then you’re shown an image divided into squares. You’re asked to tap on the box according to the question asked. For example, tap on all the cars or bridges. Then after you’ve answered and probably several times then the other source will ask you to do the same thing all over again. This long process is why most people just ignore the verify button and just allow the app to search for sources. If the app does not find any sources you can always go back to the search again and tap on all the little boxes to make them happy.  If you never want to be asked again, there’s an option in TTV settings to turn off captchas.

Are these Problems with Terrarium tv?

Sincerely to speaking, MX Play already with a good performance compares to peer. But there’re some people get weird issue with MX Player. According to their saying, “Every time I’m watching a movie or series with TerrariumTV and MX Player the playback stops and then it goes back to the window where I’m selecting the link. So, I’m not sure if it’s MX Player crashing or what but for some reason MX Player loses connection and I have to click on a link to re-open the video. And it will start from the beginning, there is no option to resume. So, for some reason, MX Player is losing history so I’m unable to resume playback.”

For this problem, choose to play with one of your players and use Kodi as the video player, I tried that after having the same problem with MX Player and it solved it. But not sure if it is a common solution, Anyone has better idea?


How to add adult content to your Kodi box

Recently I saw lots of people asking how to add adult content to terrarium, or about top adult add-ons,  now let go ahead.

Turn on your Android tv box,  click on Kodi, then go to Setting, and click on File manager

how to add adult content to terrarium

And now srcoll to click on Add source, then it will come out a box for you to enter the paths or browse for the media locations.


Type in http://dimitrology.com/repo, then click OK.


Next step you should name for the media source. For example” .idmi “, then OK.


So now we need to back up to Kodi homescreen, back one, and back again. Move the mouse to the left bar and scroll down to Add-ons, click on it and go ahead to the box icon on the right left corner. Click on it.


Then we go to the Install from the zip file, when it come out a box that shows you disabale, it is offered by the third part without granting permission to add add-ons on your device.


Menu Bar

Now you should go back to Setting, and go up to system setting, click on it and on the left Menu Bar, scrolling down and click on Add-ons, turn on Unknown sources, it will pop up and you just click on Yes.

system setting

And here we go back to Kodi homescreen and scroll to the left side, go ahead Add-ons, and up to the box icon again.

system setting

Here we come to the Install from zip file, clcik on it, then .dimi. occur on the top of the box, click on it, we can see a lot the zip file on here, but please scroll down to repository. megatron-1.0.2.zip, and press OK.

Install Multiple Adult Add

When we see a pop up on the right Megatron Repo Add-ons updated. Then we up to the Install from repository.


And then enter to the Repository, gho ahead to click on Megatron Repo, scroll to Program add-ons.



Here Fists-O-Fury is what we need to install. Click on it and then install.



A few seconds later it will pop up and shows you Fists-O-Fury updated. Then we should go back to the home screen, and go ahead to Program add-ons, and enter the add-on, click Enter on the box.



By here, you can see some add-ons, click on and install, then it starts to downloading and installing, after finish it. Back up and go to the Video Add-ons, now you will see plenty of adult sources.