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What is Leelbox?

LeeIbox is a new yet powerful brand in smart Android TV box industry. In 2015, the brand is established, however, only two years time they have occupied top 3 in TV BOX field. The core products are Android TV BOX, Smart Wifi Plug, Car Tools and some useful gadgets for phone and computer. All the products on our website have 45 days money back guarantee and 12-month warranty. Leelbox has our own technical team, research, and development team to support our operations.

About product and service:

Most streaming media player fancy Leelbox smart TV box, they consult more than once, asking for how much and if there have any coupon. As most of our customers know, they enjoy the excellent service provided by Leelbox, and all the after-sales problems can be solved satisfied.

By the way, here I want to answer some common question asking by our customers

1 – Is it possible to customize the big icons on the top half of the Home Page?

A: I try to get it available on android boxes, but it seems that they can not customize the big icons on the top half of the Home Page. One thing can be sure it is that you can put some of your favorite Apps on the home screen. Click on the “+” button on the home page, then you will see the apps below,  select your favorite apps, then click on other position, it will occur on the home screen.

android apps
2 – Is that a way (like that button that smartphones have) to visualize the apps that have been opened and that are running?

A: Now go setting— Others— More settings, Srcoll down to Apps, then you will see. Or you can download CetusPlay on your phone via connecting to the tv box, then you can easily to remote control

3 – I can’t visualize anymore the navigation bar always visible on the bottom, since I accidentally dishabled it. How do I make it visible again?

A: Sometimes you move your mouse to the icon like the following pictures show, when you press it, then the menu bar on the bottom is unvisible, now you just need to move your mouse to the bottom, press the screen and pull it up, the menu bar will come out again.

android apps

android apps

If you have any problems about Leelbox or Android tv box, comment below.



The Best Android tv box to use Airplay

There may few people know how to use Airplay on their Android tv box, some even don’t know their android box with an airplay function. So here I want to share my experience with you guys how to use it.

how to use airplay

I have a tv box which’s used about 2 years. It’s very slow when buffering, sometimes lags when playing video. Those issues occurred seem to be hard for the old model tv box. No doubt about it, it’s time to buy a new one instead. For future consideration, I need a tv box that has a more powerful processor, runs apps fast and reliable, plays online video without lag, especially for the live tv channels. After searching and comparing, I chose M9S pro which’s advertised as 2017 top configuration tv box in Leelbox series. Even though it’s not cheap at all, this box doesn’t let me down, fast running apps, use the box like a tablet on a big screen I’m no longer frustrated when watching sports and games due to the long time loading or buffering. Easy setup wizard, follow step by step, ready to use in 3mins. Preloaded apps meet most of your needs for watching movies and worldwide channels.

Also, you can download others from google play. Tubi tv maybe a good choice.i can find many video and music from this apps, although most of them not up to date, HD quality covers for the shortage.

Terrarium TV

There is one thing should be highlighted, easy to launch airplay for ios which’s no need further setup or apps installation for the tv box. This function is amazing, convenient and saves time, (just like a mirror screen for iOS, but it’s under android system) you gonna see what exactly your device displayed on the big screen. When tv box is working, launch the airplay from your iOS devices, you will see a button named “airplay player media center “, simply click it, there you go, “airplay”! Save money, another economic solution instead of Apple TV box. Compare to other android tv box. this one is a little expensive, but it meets the needs of high-end users, for the high requirement and standard to pay a higher price, it makes sense, costly victory just that meaning.

how to use airplay

how to use airplay

how to use airplay


Set up Kodi Build on updated Kodi 17.5 tv box

Since Kodi 17.5 was released, many people reflect lots of Add-ons not working anymore, so they have to reinstall the old version. Not the same thing is some guys who own a high configuration android version can play Kodi 17.5 well.

But will this overlay all current skin and saved data so that people will have to re-load their Kodi build again after or will it just upgrade and leave the existing custom stuff? No worry, it is said that shouldn’t change anything existing. (Could depend on how old your existing one is) Just install over the old one and it just updates everything.

If people want to install a new Kodi build for your Android TV Box after you update to the latest version Kodi 17.5. Here you can follow this Best Kodi Builds 2017 article, it shows you step by step how to set up a new Kodi build for your android tv box. Or you can follow the below instruction:

After you install a Kodi build, you’re totally done and ready to stream TV and movies with Kodi 17.5 Firestick / Fire TV version.

Install Ares Wizard in Kodi box 2017

Today I want to show you guys how to Install New Ares Wizard Kodi that works on Kodi 17.5 even for all versions of Kodi Krypton tv box.

Install Ares Wizard using the steps:

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. In Kodi, select the gear icon in the top left corner (this is the “System” button)
  3. Then choose “System Settingskodi box
  4. Now select the “Add-Ons” menu on the left side of the screen using your Fire TV remote.tv box
  5. Then select “Apps from Unknown Sources“.  Then confirm the selection by selecting “Yes”
  6. Now press “Back” on the Fire TV remote to return to the “System” area.
  7. From the System area, select “File Manager
  8. Then choose Add Source
  9. Select the box that says “None” by pressing the Center button on the Firestick / Fire TV remote
  10. Then enter this address:  http://ares-repo.eu  tv box
  11. Now select “OK” to finish adding the address of the Ares Wizard installer.
  12. Then select the box that says “Enter a name for this media source
  13. Enter “.ares” or any other name you’ll rememberkodi box
  14. Press OK to finish naming the new source.  Then press OK once more to completely finish adding the new Kodi source.
  15. Now press back on the Fire TV remote until you’re at the Kodi home screen.
  16. From the Kodi home screen, select the “Add-Ons” menu
  17. Now, choose the “Package Installer” icon in the top left corner of the “Add-Ons” menu (the Package Installer looks like a small icon of an opened box).
  18. Select “Install From Zip Fileares
  19. Then choose the new source you added (“.ares”)
  20. Now select the zip file that appears on-screen (should be named something like repository.aresproject-0.1.0.zip)
  21. Wait a few seconds for the Ares Wizard zip file to install
  22. Now select “Install From Repository“.  (If you don’t see “Install From Repository”, then press the “Back” button just once on the Fire TV remote to see the Install From Repository button).
  23. Choose “Ares Repo” from the list of Kodi repositories currently displayed on your screen.
  24. Now select “Program Add-Ons
  25. Then choose Ares Wizard from the Program Add-Ons sub-menu
  26. Wait a minute for the Ares Wizard Kodi app to install
  27. Return to the Kodi home screen by pressing the “Back” button on the Fire TV remote several times
  28. Then select “Ares Wizard” from the “Add-Ons” menu in Kodi.


Top Kodi Build for All Kodi 17.4 Devices

If people have a Kodi box, how to get a fast and useful Kodi build drive their curiosity. Now you just open your android tv box, open the Program add-ons, now we are approaching Ares Wizard, and we go open it up, so now it is loading, please wait a few moments.



Once it done, go open to the main page,  you go scroll over and click on More, then scrolling down and click on Erase all Date/Fresh Start, then it will ask you are you sure for everything, if you want to go ahead, click on Yes, here it will come out a box that shows your options, if you agree, click Proceed.1


kodi box

Please be patient, showing you like below, Click OK.

kodi box

So now you can choose to close your device and re-open it, for me, I just close down and re-open Kodi, once should re-open Kodi, you should be back to default Kodi first time. So now we go to set the skin icon, click on Setting.

4kodi box

So here now you wanna to click on System settings, scrolling down to Add-ons, and you wanna to make sure Unknown sources is turned on. When we first time to install Kodi it is turned off, now we need to click on it one time to turn on.

kodi boxes

Now you get a message, and if you agree, click Yes to proceed.

kodi boxes

Now we go back and go ahead to File manager. Enter, and click on Add source. Typing the paths or the browse to the media locations, http://repo.idiggz.com

kodi boxes

kodi boxes


Then name for it by .diggz, check it Okay.

kodi boxes

Now we go back, back to the mainstream Kodi, scroll down to Add-ons, you wanna to click on Add-ons, Now you see a little box icon on the top left corner. Go heading click on it. Now you wanna click Install from zip file. In the list, you looking for your ever named your source. Check it out and then click on it.

android box

android box

Open it up , you wanna to see repository.diggz-1.2.zip, click on it and install.

android box

When it installed, go ahead and click on Install from repository. What you wanna to find is Diggz Repo. Go ahead and click on it.

android box


Scrolling down to Program add-ons, enter you will see Diggz Wizard, click on and go ahead to install it.

android box

android tv box

Just be patient then you will see a box that shows you select the choices you wanna, just pick up your need, and continue. So you will another box message, here you wanna to get Build Menu.

android tv box

Now here are all we get Kodi Build sources, if you wanna get continue updating build skin, you can click on the second one, or if you want to update the latest version, check the first one.

android tv box

android tv box

And if you click on Fresh Install, now you go ahead here and Check Continue. Then just be patient and waiting for the Diggz Wizard to be installed.

android tv box

android tv box

Finally, Force Close the Diggz Wizard.

android tv box

Now back to the Home page of Kodi, you get the new Kodi build now.

tv boxes










The right way to Keep your Android TV Box

Many Android TV Box users usually turn off both TV box and TV with remote control directly while using tv box. However, both Android box and your TV set still remain standby state, it means they still not be shut down. Consume electricity, also unsafety. The correct way is to turn off the TV power, then unplug the power adapter of TV box.

tv box

Another should be noticed that you should avoid removing the memory card from the TV box. People who have used smartphones all know their phones do not support “hot swapping”,  TV boxes either. Especially running a large video which occupies a large room of memory, unplug the memory card will damage the box motherboard will lead to system crashes. It is better to launch the video and then pull out the memory card.

Leelbox android box

Using the cable to connect the TV box will be better. Although set-top box like Leelbox supports both wireless and Ethernet networking methods, I suggest you guys best to use a wired network connection TV box. To ensure network connected stably.

Do not put your TV box next to the high-power appliances. Especially like hi-fi equipment which runs strong electromagnetic interference, they will disturb WIFI or lead splash screen phenomenon when you watch video.

Terrarium TV

Avoid plug TV box cable frequently. Or may lead to poor contact or damage to the interface. Sometimes, dust falls into the port, it could influence box’s operating.


Cleaning up not commonly used software or useless files on TV boxes regularly. useless files will take up system and memory space, slow down the running system, I suggest you guys clean up the TV regularly.


Great Adult Add-on, How to Install Terrarium TV On Android Box

Terrarium TV 1.8.1 is available now,  do you have installed it on your Android tv box?  According to Terrarium TV official announcement that the built-in video player (ExoPlayer) is now fully optimized. In addition, a few providers have been added in this update so there should be more GoogleVideo links. You guys please update to the latest version to enjoy the best experience!

Here show you how to install Terrarium TV on Android box. Most people all set the Google Player Store on their tv box homepage, and if you want to install Terrarium TV successfully, you guys must make sure that your VPN is connected normal, since A VPN is suggested when using services such as Terrarium TV due to copyright laws. So at first you go to the Setting to check that Unknown sources in the Security in open on.

tv box

Then click on the App on the homepage screen, enter the Browser, it will open your Google Homepage, here type terrariumtv.com on the search box by using your remote. Some remotes of tv boxes with a mouse button on the remote like the following model, such as Leelbox. It is easy to use the mouse to input message on the keypad of the android tv box.


Once into the website it will come out a link that named Terrarium TV, do not to click it directly with the mouse. Click on the left button by using your mouse, so you will see a box that shows you apk link, click on Open, it is going to download.

 Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV

Bak home,  Click Apps, go to FileBrowser, check out that, you can see the menu on the inside top of the file, click on it, scrolling down to the Download File, you will see a apk, click it on and to install it. Now the Terrarium TV is installing, when it finished, click Open and check the allow of the pop – up box. Now you have finished the Terrarium TV installing.


tv boxes

tv boxes


Move your mouse to the left of the screen, pull down the menu you will see TV shows, go to the Setting and choose a default video player, here suggest you choose MX.

Terrarium TV

android box

If you click the movie sources it will show there is no data. Here you can move your mouse to the top of the box, click search box and type one movie name, you will see the search results, choose one and click the play button.android box

android box

Here will remindyou MX player has not install, just check Install, it will lead to you to the Google player Store and you jut need to donwload and install it. then you go to the sources list, choose one video source to play, click allow, at the end, the video now is  playing.

MX Player

kodi box

For update fails, please backup all the stuff and uninstall the old version first. Then, download the latest APK from Terrarium TV official website and re-install it. If you lost your settings or favorites, simply go to Settings and restore them back.


Top Adult Addons for KODI!


Today I’m going to show you how to download two or three Kodi adult add-ons on your android tv box for who enjoy the ADULT features.

Follow these steps.

1.Go to Settings and click File Manager. Click TT, edit file Source and enter http://toptutorialsrepo.co.uk/kodi and a name, you can name it whatever you want, then ok!


2. Back out, whenever you add an add-on let’s make sure that you go down here(System Settings) and unknown sources yes. 5026

3. Go Back Again, click Add-Ons go up to the open box hit OK


4. Go to Install from zip file. Here I need that TT so we’re going to go to TT and you want to go down to repos and we’re going to keep going down till we see Colossus.04050612

5.  There you go hit upon that then you will see a notification pop-up and once you see that notification you want to go to install from repository, Colossus repository.


6. Video add-ons and here’s one of them to install it just install go back jump down again xxx Erotik that install now. 160818

7. Also there’s another add-on on here XXX-O-DUS. Install it. 0920

8. Go back, there is another add-on on here that’s really good for movies and TV shows as well as for adult add-ons “Bennu”, install it, choose the newest version. 2103

9. Click Bennu again and open it. As I mentioned before you get movies TV shows and the adult zone right here now in order to access this you need a password so they will tell you to create a password. Whenever you enter it’s gonna ask you for a password.


That’s all, I hope you enjoy this article and the pictures.

What is the most popular tvmc17.3 Kodi box on October 2017

TVMC 17.3 is a version of Kodi with a ton of preinstalled add-ons, it was regarded as one of the most popular alternate plug-in compare to Kodi. Some Android media player already could be upgraded to TVMC 17.4, but in order to compatible with current Add-ons, it could be better not to upgrade to the latest version, it sure can be upgraded if the android version of your tv box is Android 7.1, no problem to make it.

So here recommend you three models approve you to download TVMC 17.3:

Leelbox MXQ Pro mini:

Android 6.0 TV Box, running with cortex-A7 Android 6.0 Quad-Core CPU 64 Bits Quad Core, high memory space 2GB RAM/8GB ROM max extended capacity!

Supporting full BT 4.0, with high quality HDMI output 4K, H.265 would not let you waste time anymore to wait for buffering, I could say that it is one of the best sale android tv box in Canada, stable 2.4GHz WiFi would against to be bounded.

Now already promised you to upgrade TVMC 17.3, would not any incompatible problem.

Android tv box

Leelbox S1:

Smart but complete, a few months ago it occured power adapter porblem, the professional artisan make a big change on it, durable without heating endows Leelbox S1 streaming tv box’s handle capacity.

kodi box

Leelbox M9S Pro:

Running with special configuration M9S Pro is Android 6.0 system, 2GB RAM+16GB ROM, will not limit the Apps running, you just need to clean cache at regular time. So now S912 Octa-Core CPU can be the most stable system now on Leelbox, you can enjoy higher Network processor with dual-WIFI 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz.

tv box

Most deserve it is you nevery worry tenology support, Leelbox Kodi box with 12-month warranty.

Each tv box above of them could be the first choice, check the newest upgraded system, do not let your android still below TVMC 17.3, take more add-ons now.





Amlogic S912 VS S905, which is better?

Nowadays, many consumers are rational consumers, to decide the product to buy or not, mainly in the performance of the product. So how is the decisive factor of android tv box? The mainly answer is its chip. On the market, the most popular chips currently are S912 and S905.

The following comparison table contains scores for Antutu 6.x, Vellamo 3.x and 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme. Leelbox Old Version Q1 runs Android 5.1 and New Version Leelbox Q1 runs Android 6.0, the result may be different if Old Version gets Android 6.0, likely improve a little bit. It is also possible that the Android 6.0 SDK is not so mature and that the results of Amlogic S912 may also improve over time. Green indicates Amlogic S912 faster.



S905 has four A53 runs 1.536 GHz. S912 has four A53 large nuclear runs 1.536 GHZ plus four A53 small nuclear runs 1.0 GHz frequency, add up to 8 nuclear, running low frequency is for save power and reduce heat, but will not increase performance!


S905 is Mali-450MP while S912 is Mali-T820MP3, in this point, S912 is stronger a little bit.

We have seen the Amlogic S905X slower than the Amlogic S905, but certainly the Amlogic S912 with eight Cortex A53 cores and its “multi-core, high-performance 3D GPU”, the ARM Mali-T820MP3 must dramatically improve performance. The performance difference between the Amlogic S905 and Amlogic S912 is not too much strong, except that the Mali-T820MP3 GPU 3D graphics are used in S912 while the penta-core Mali-450MP is used in the S905, and the performance is up to 1.43 times in the 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme graphics score. The Antutu 3D score is 2.21 times, because Mali-T820MP3 support OpenGL ES 3.1 but Mali-450MP is not.

They are however other advantages of Amlogic S912 over Amlogic S905 TV Boxes including Android 6.0 firmware by default, 4K VP9 hardware decoding, and HDR (High Dynamic Range support). But,  if you do not care about the last three points, just for the price to performance ratio, Amlogic S905 Smart TV Box would be a better choice. Nevertheless, the above comparison is only chip, another important factor to determine the performance of the set-top box is its memory, you should take it into consider when purchasing.