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Why your WiFi switch from 2.4ghz to 5ghz?

Recently, lots of people consult that why their Smart tv box cannot connect 5.0 GHz wifi, there is several saying as below: 1. The Android tv box does not support Dual-band wifi, that means that you tv box is not 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz wifi available. 2. Because those are two different bands, not just a pretty label. They give an answer, saying if you have a router that provides both bands, then just choose the 5ghz network. But if your router only has the one, there’s no reasonable way to upgrade it. Just a word of precaution, the unreasonable way costs far more than just buying a new router that does both bands. 3. If your android tv box with dual-band wifi and the router that provides both bands, but still can not convert 5ghz, then the possible problem is drop material or desoldering with the box, the machine should be repaired factory.

android tv box with dual-band wifi

But there is another question like this, some people confused that why their WiFi switch from 2.4ghz to 5ghz?

There’s a number of reasons why your wifi router might be switching you from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz. The nature of radio really leaves you at the mercy of the environment. If you have a large home with thick walls, lots of furniture, glass windows, distance from the router, etc.. all of these things can influence how your connection will be to your wireless router.

Most home wireless routers will automatically switch between 2.4GHz and 5Ghz and back again when it senses a weak connection and does this to try to improve the user experience.

android tv box with dual-band wifi

Many home wireless routers have a way to disable this switching and allow you to assign an SSID to just 2.4Ghz and another SSID to the 5Ghz band. This can be fairly advanced so if this seems a bit too much for your comfort zone then leave the settings alone.

Another option is to experiment with the channel that your router is set to broadcast. Most routers, when you first turn them on, will scan the area looking for other wireless routers and what channels your neighbors are on. There are 11 channels reserved for 2.4Ghz in the US and 14 channels in Europe.

Many people opt to use the 5Ghz bands as it has less interference from neighboring routers, wireless telephones, etc. There are also more channels to choose from, and those channels can typically carry more traffic which means a fasters more stable connection.
android tv box with dual-band wifi

One way to fix this problematic switching is to go to the manufacturer’s website and see if there are any updates to the firmware for your router. Sometimes a simple update is all that’s needed to fix your problem. NOTE: Most routers allow you to search for updates right from their configuration page. If it shows no updates are available to go out to the manufacturer’s website anyway and look for yourself.

One last thing to remember, it might not be your wifi router, it could be your client (meaning the laptop, or other connecting devices) trying to access the router. If this is an older device you might need to update its wireless driver or software.

If after all of this and its still bugging you-you might want to research getting yourself a new wireless router. There are some amazing new wireless routers that support new 4K T.V.’s, streaming media like Netflix, as well as console games. Check out reviews of new routers and see if this is a solution for you.



Can someone hack your…

Maybe your device has also suffered hacker attacks, lose out heavily even you may no longer want to encounter the second bankruptcy of information, you start to change your editing methods, network information storage. Hacker attacks are panic-stricken. But on the Internet highway, modern people have been moving farther and farther, everyone is close to each other via the Internet. At the same time, people also at stake because of network security risks.

Hacker in a hood on dark

The forces of good brought about by the internet have a dark side too. The freedom and opportunity the web provides is constantly exploited by criminals, gangsters, and terrorists which operate in the dark web, making online security and cybercrime one of the biggest social concerns of the 21st century.

Have someone hack into your computer through WIFI?

Wifi hacking is a common occurrence nowadays. A layman can hack your WEP wifi network within a short time using BackTrack. WEP is 0% secure, you can only increase, your attack time by using higher bit encryption. If your network is WPA/WPA2 secure with WPS pin default setup, then also you are very much vulnerable. We have posted a few months ago,  talking about Free charging stations can hack your phone, Hackers build a connection with the charging station and within few minutes they can installed malware directly on your phone. Go here and learn how to protect.


Can someone hack your iPhone with a text message?

More than 86% of Apple iPhones in the world is apparently still vulnerable to a security flaw that allows a hacker to completely take over the device with just a text message, according to data from mobile and web analytics firm MixPanel. People who install Apple’s new iOS 9.3.5 version will no longer be vulnerable to this issue, and the company is urging all its users to immediately update.

If someone hacks your wi-fi password, what can they see and how?

They can’t see anything on your screen (unless you’ve enabled some sort of unencrypted remote desktop screen sharing program). But they can, however, observe all the data being sent to and from your computer (I’m assuming for WPA/WPA2 they observed the 4-way handshake at the beginning of each session, or trivially forced your computer to start another handshake), unless you encrypted that data using a protocol like HTTPS. They would typically run a packet capture program like Wireshark to decrypt the wifi encryption.


Whatsapp suffered hacker attacks?

WhatsApis one of the most commonly used messenger services across the world. This server has very little security and hence can be hacked very easily. There are two ways to hack a WhatsApp device: through IMEI number and through Wi-Fi. So it is very easy to hack your information as WhatsApp doesn’t secure your data. Saving WhatsApp from Wi-Fi hacking, in a situation, where you do not have internet connection and Wi-Fi is the only option, use the Wi-Fi network and then ensure that you go to Settings-Chat-Settings-Clear All Conversations.


4 Ways to Protect Your Facebook from Hack

We use Facebook as a tool to connect, but there are those people who use that connectivity for malicious purposes, those in the know can get into our emails and Facebook accounts to steal every other part of our lives that we intended to keep away from prying eyes.


How to Protect Your Facebook from Hack?

Method 1: Reset the Password;

Method 2: Use a Keylogger, one is Software Keylogger, but here we don’t explain how it works. Check here if you need. Another is Hardware Keylogger, these work the same way as the software keylogger, except that a USB drive with the software needs to be connected to the victim’s computer. The USB drive will save a summary of the keystrokes, so it’s as simple as plugging it to your own computer and extracting the data.

Method 3: Phishing

Method 4: Man in the Middle Attack

There are still many hacker attacks not mentioned in this article, and we must guard against the confidentiality of our information at any time, protecting ourselves from hack!
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How to Connecting your WiFi Stable

You may annoy about your wifi connecting, they drop from time to time, it drives you crazy especially when you are ready to go on a flash deal. Today I want to show you a new product it can solve such kind of problem.

Wireless USB wifi adapter

Wireless USB adapter, working like a charm, really fast as advertised. My old laptop used to have slow speed 11n connection. Now I really enjoy fast speed 11ac connection. Installation is not a problem, very easy. Just followed the guide to install a driver for my win7.
If you need high speed connection, this one will not let you down.

1. A built-in laptop WiFi generally has a hidden and sometimes large antenna under the case. The Edimax may not work in WiFi marginal areas of your home. There are Edimax products with large external antennas but these will not have the small form factor of the Edimax EW-7811Un. If the connection is very poor the Edumax is flagged as “Turned Off” and you may have to use Windows-10 to re-enable the WiFi. This could be a bug!

2. I noticed that the Edimax EW-7811Un sometimes appears to go to sleep. Turning Device “Power Management” OFF may correct that problem.

Microsoft Windows-10 upgrade policy was highly innovative and has given new life to older hardware and aftermarket upgrades such as the Edimax EW-7811Un.


Leelbox 600Mbps AC Dual Bands Wireless Network USB Wifi Adapter is mini size design and you are able to plug it into the USB port. Excepting common wireless standards 802.11b/g/n, this wireless adapter is also 802.11ac compatible data transfer rate is 150/433Mbps, and that’s three times faster than 802.11g wireless network.

Easy to Install: Just simply insert the adapter to get connected to the Windows system. If not, you can also use it once you’ve run the software by the Setup CD.
1.Please FIRST install the driver from CD or from here, Then insert the wifi adapter AC600Mbps
2.We suggest you insert wireless dongle into the back USB port of your desktop, because USB port in the back can provide more power.
If you could not download a driver from CD, please download the UPDATED driver here.

Wireless USB wifi adapter

Beware! Free charging stations can hack your phone, how to protect?

Hacker may get access to our computer, so we do a lot to keep them away. But did you ever consider about your phone? When you are shopping outside,  at airport or other public places, unfortunately the Phone battery is low, it is usually easy to connect to the public charging station. However, in an emergency you need your phone, even though you always know that using these facilities is at risk, and your phone may be accessed by phone hackers.


How it is done? Perhaps you already know that the phone USB charging cable can send data, under the situation the charging station is threatened, through the phone charging cable your phone data  can be easily reached to. Hackers build a connection with the charging station and within few minutes they can installed malware directly to your phone. In addition, many modern smart phones can send HDMI signals directly through the USB port for image mirroring, that is, your phone will be manipulated, your information on the phone will be monitored, your confidential information will be leaked.

The most secure way to charge your phone when outside is use your own USB cable and your own USB power adapter, and plug them directly into the wall power outlet. Kaspersky Lab recommends that you do not unlock and use your phone while charging, use the correct encryption as much as possible, and may consider using a safe container. If you have to use public chargers, the following methods can eliminate the risk of being hacked.

  1. Do not use any password or fingerprint identification during charging
  2. Make sure your phone has been updated to the latest operating system and updated all applications so your phone will get the most complete protection.
  3. Not to browse confidential or sensitive information, such as mobile banking or other payment software
  4. If have to have a call while charging, try to set up a restricted to encrypted services like Whats App, Skype etc.

Why does your Internet drop suddenly sometimes? 


When you are using your Android TV Box or working with your computer, it will be very frustrating when trying to submit an assignment five minutes before, it’s due or about to watch an important penalty kick when everything just freezes, and that little yellow icon says no internet connection. Unless there’s been an infrastructure failure outside of your house,  at least you know a relatively easy fix,go over to your router which probably has some indicator lights, blooping that there’s a problem, unplug it wait a few seconds and plug it back in, although you’ve probably missed something critical in the interim, you are at least back online.

Why does your Internet drop suddenly sometimes? Router looks like a simple box that sends your internet connection to your devices, but there is a lot going on under the hood,just like a full blown desktop PC, routers have their own CPU memory, memory, mainboard, IO and even operating system, all of which help it manage data traffic,deciding what needs to be sent where and these components of a router can get. Overloaded similarly to having 40 browser tabs multiple HD video streams and a game running at the same time might bring your laptop to its knees, pushing tons of data through your router to lots of different devices can also slow it down, sometimes to a screeching halt.

The situation is even more complicating because of the fact that most home internet connections use what are called dynamic IP addresses. Internet service providers typically assign IP addresses  which are like street addresses to help Internet traffic find your devices, to each of their modems only for a certain period of time, when this period expires your ISP will give you a new one, but if your router is very busy it might not latch on to the new IP address, and continue trying to use the old one, which is kind of like trying to receive mail at your old apartment.

In many cases, some of your instructions on the computer did not get a corresponding response, it might be your router is as hot as a work, many of us are guilty of this ,but shoving your router in a corner somewhere where it’s ventilation holes might get blocked by cables or dust can cause it to overheat, so be sure to check that if your router is crammed behind a piece of furniture, it can actually breathe, but there are other problems that aren’t necessarily caused by a router malfunction. If you’re on a Wi-Fi connection, sometimes the airwaves just get very crowded, especially if you’re on the common 2.4 gigahertz band where noise from common household devices like microwave ovens and baby monitors and even signals from other nearby routers on the same frequency can overlap and make it difficult for your receiving device to hear what your router is trying to say. If this is the case which you can actually find out by downloading a mobile app to look at nearby networks, try going into your router settings and changing the channel or switching to the 5 gigahertz band if your router and your device is supported it, not only delivers data more quickly but it also offers many more channels and is less crowded overall, and if changing channels making sure your router has cooled off and the time-honored tactic of turning it off and on again doesn’t help will see if your router’s manufacturer has a firmware update available.


Android devices with both 5 GHz Wi-Fi and 2.4 GHz

Does your home router support Dual Band Wi-Fi? For example, your home router can run TP-LNK-47FF or TP-LINK-5G-47FF. As we known that it should be stand with dual Wifi of your Android TV Box so that can work with your router.


Generally speaking, 5GHz Wi-Fi can carry more data than 2.4 GHz network assuming the electric power to the higher rate of recurrence radios is maintained at a higher level. Especially if you are a gamer lover, you may never refuse fast speed of network connection. In other word, we will more enjoy streaming show via 5GHz Wi-Fi. However,signals of 5 GHz frequencies may not penetrate solid objects as 2.4 GHz signals do, limiting their reach indoor.

Nowadays,most of Android TV Box already supported dual band wireless networking.For example,last Monday the stick tv box I bought supports 1000Mbps and Dual-WIFI 2.4GHz/5.0GHz, no buffering also playing stable and running at a fast network speed,satisfied me a lot. Android Boxes which including dual band wireless,when working, 5GHz wifi will be connected preferentially.


Examples of Dual Band Wi-Fi Devices

Not only do some routers provide dual band wireless,but also the Smart TV Box.One professional android tv box provider—-Leelbox, based on survey, they sale several kinds of android boxes, most of them with high configuration. For example, Leelbox M9S Pro, Q3, Kingbox K3 android tv box,all Android 6.0 system, 2GB RAM+16GB ROM, S912 Octa-Core CPU, LAN 1000M, Dual-WIFI 2.4Ghz/5.0Ghz TV Box. Kodi was pre-installed in Kingbox K3. They run with 2.4GHz, transfer quickly into 5.0GHz under dual band wireless condition.


According to the above picture,you may know which model plays more stable and with a high network speed.If you are just a novice,I suggest you can take MXQ Pro mini or S1 for a try.It is affordable and easily to control.Also suitable for your children to watch carton if they are not game player.But if you are a android device fans.You may more sure which box is meet your need.

Here are some comments from customers

Buddy A:Since getting everything up and running the device has performed significantly better. Download speeds in and out of the play store are moving as fast as they should and media loads very fast. I can now say I feel the 2GB of Ram. Not only is the product okay but immediately after making my initial review the company reached out to me to see if there was anything they could do to make my experience with their product better. I fully appreciated this and compliment them on standing behind their product and making sure the customer experience is the best it can be. I would recommend both this box and the company that makes it.

Second:Yet another android tv box by Leelbox that I’ve had a good experience with. This company seems to be the most consistent of the TV box makers in the lower price range. This one was a little more expensive than some of their other boxes as it has the newer chip (the S912), 2 GB of RAM and the dual channel wi-fi. As you might expect from those things, it’s very snappy booting up and moving around the interface. Kodi boots up in about 8 seconds or so, which is pretty fast for these boxes. 95% of what I do in these boxes involves Kodi, so I just automatically uninstall whatever version is on the box, go to the Google PlayStore and re-install the latest version (17.1 at the moment). That seems to work better for me.I watched some 4K content yesterday and it streamed perfectly, though that always depends on the source’s and your own internet speeds. There’s nothing fancy about this box – no colored LED’s – but it does it’s job very well – an excellent box.

You deserve to own one!